Generation 2025;

What do you think the future will look like? Virgin Media Business have provided us with what they think the future in 13 years will look like. Check out the video below and let me know what you think:

Do you think we’ll be able to accomplish that in 13 years? And most importantly, do you like the look of the future?

I’ve mentioned before how much I believe in sustainability and maximising land usage, with that also comes a minimalist approach. I’m a firm believer in ‘less is more’ and I’ve very cautious of the things I buy (most my money actually goes on services and experiences rather than physical objects). My ideal future would mean I can be free to work from wherever I choose (like in the video above) and a future where flexibility is a given (not being tied to working 9-5pm everyday).

Now who’s with me?


One thought on “Generation 2025;

  1. It’s a very romantic notion I think. I think that to push for such innovation is great, and there needs to be a date attached to such a goal, but the idea that you won’t be constrained by hours or location of work is silly. I’m not constrained by hours, but my pay is based on commission, rather than hours invested. While they’re related, this can’t be the case for 90% of people out there.

    The truth is, jobs like that woman has already exist. All that video shows is a woman taking a single day to drive out to her, I’m guessing, Dad, and being able to do a presentation on the road. Not much different to Skype now. But it actually suggests she lives in the city for most of her working life, to be near work.

    Here’s the thing; I can work from home if I want to right now, but I don’t. I love going to the office to be with my colleagues and interact with others. If people look at a video like this thinking “if only, I’m sick of my job/working conditions,” then find a career that suits you.

    If you’re doing what you love, whether it’s a 9-5 gig or something else, it never really feels like work. You just need to find your niche.

    The thing at the start with the whole brushing your teeth and recognising hydration levels is cool, although we’ve got nothing in place at the moment to deal with the amount of people who’ll be living well past 100 as a result of those advances in technology. If one industry is pushing for those innovations, fantastic! But the government should be working in order to make sure the system isn’t going to collapse because of the amount of the population being supported by the Pension.

    On the whole, the future always holds challenges. Unfortunately the private sector typically works on things for the future whereas the government works on things to appease voters right now. This is why more needs to be done to educate the masses. Your post about the Finnish education system is a wonderful tool for the Government to use because so far the most highly educated come from the most expensive schools.

    I welcome the future, but like I said, that video is very romantic.

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