Goodbye 2nd year!

Late nights spent on campus

Last night, I sat my last exam for the year but thinking about the fact I’m now free hasn’t sunk in yet. No more late nights and weekends spent at home does sound pretty awesome though! Now if only 2013 can fly by as quickly as 2012, I’ll be one very happy girl!

The Friday Letter;

My life isn’t very exciting at the moment, unless you want to hear all about property investment, property ownership and the technique to valuing property? Yeah, didn’t think so. Here’s my one letter for the week:

Dear SoCal (pictured above);

You kill me every time I think of you. From your beautiful coast line to your suburban streets. Even though I don’t want a McMansion, you make me feel like I do. I miss hanging out with the Irvine kids, going for drives along the coast, watching the sunrise from Malibu, driving through Beverly Hills, attending carnivals, sitting in the back of a ute as we drive through Yorba Linda, being accepted into any group I met.

If there’s anything that’s the key to my motivation at the moment, to work like a crazy woman and finish this degree as soon as possible, it’s you California. You’re never far from my wandering mind and you’re the last thing I think about every night.

I’ll be back soon, just let me get some things sorted out here.

Pinterest: Dream House;

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When I first got Pinterest, I made a board labelled “Dream Home”. I was looking over that board today and it made me realise, there’s no such thing as one dream home for me. If I were to construct my dream home, it would be so mismatched and from a financial point of view, wouldn’t sell too well (thanks work for that knowledge).

I love too many eras and styles. I love the classic southern look, the weatherboard look, the indoor/outdoor flow, windows for days and houses that scream comfort.

Over the years, my taste has remained more or less the same but I’m still yet to find some photos of the ONE house I’d settle down in (it’s going to take a LOT to keep me in one place!) For now, I’ll have to describe it with words as best I can: it’ll be small but open, simple and minimal with great use of light. It’ll have more outdoor area than indoor, making the most of every season. I’m not sure which city or even country but all I know is, this is all you’ll see from the road:

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Change of direction;

Photo taken at Matarangi Beach, Coromandel (NZ)

Looking back over the last week, I can pinpoint an exact moment when things changed for the better. The exact moment I thought to myself, “I’m sick of feeling like this, I’m sick of these thoughts running around in circles”. The exact moment it happened, I had this out of body experience. It felt like I had taken a step back and watched myself from the outside. And as I watched on, I thought, “why am I getting involved in something that doesn’t benefit me nor does it have to have this negative impact on me”. So with that, I finally let go of what was holding me back. I let go of taking on problems that weren’t mine to solve & I accepted the fact that these things happened but they are now in the past. It was the conclusion to one chapter in my life that I hope I never have to open again.

I don’t think the finer details matter so much now, I think all that matters is that I’m heading in a better direction.


(photo idea from this image)

Itchy feet;

Quote by Theodore Roosevelt

I saw this quote in the morning & couldn’t help but feel these are the words I needed to hear this weekend. Instead of focusing on where I wish I was this weekend (on the East Coast with my bestie- an offer I had to decline regrettably), I’m going to instead, focus on how far I’ve come with my studies and how little time I have left with it all.

As much as I’m ready for the next chapter in my life, there are still some things I need to sort out where I am so this little time frame I have is a good thing. For a person like me, that has a problem with instant gratification, the biggest lesson I need to learn & apply to my life is being in the present moment & appreciating what this moment offers.

Days (and weeks) like these, I just need to look down at my ‘breathe’ tattoo and remember why it’s there.

Anyone else suffer (or suffered) from instant gratification and overcome it? 

Friday Letters- the rare edition;

I’ve been seriously lacking in the letters department the past two weeks but with all my uni assignments & tests now completed, time for some letters!

And this is how I study

Dear Property Investment Analysis;

You’re my favourite unit but also my hardest. Knowing there’s a 45% fail rate with this unit, I thought there was a typo with my results today. Please don’t let that be the case, I’ve never gotten 90% before! So chuffed.

Dear B (guy from work);

Yesterday, you tied my bag to my draw (not just any knot but a noose knot that I couldn’t undo- thanks a ton) but today, you outdid yourself by sending around an email to all staff from my desk and asking everyone if they wanted ice cream. Yeah REAL FUNNY.

Dear Corner Deli;

It’s the second day this week I’ve purchased ice cream from you (see above) and you probably think I’m a little crazy coming in & spending 5 minutes picking out dozens of ice creams but summer hasn’t even began yet and I have a feeling I’ll be the official ice cream runner for the next 6 months. Hope to be on a nickname basis soon!

Dear Ed Westwick;

Why are we not together? I mean, look at you. Reading is the most handsome thing of all.

 – – – –

If you want to see more Friday Letters, please click on the image below:

Sketches of Frank Gehry;

IAC Building, New York by Frank Gehry

Back in April this year, I posted about my love for Frank Gehry’s buildings, especially the new residential one in Manhattan. So when I was browsing the summer list of rooftop movies starting end of this month, you wouldn’t believe how excited I got when I saw there’s a documentary about Frank Gehry and four of his buildings, as well as a look inside his house.

Starting next week, Artrage are starting up their second summer of Rooftop Movies which will run until the end of April 2013. There will be movies classics like Drive and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; you can check out the rest of the program here & like their facebook page here.

Now, any Architect loving people out there who want to come check out this documentary with me? It is going to be played on Wednesday 7th November @ 8pm, tickets can be purchased here.

Breakfast with Big Sis;

Sayer’s Sister, Lake St Perth

Yesterday, I finally got to see my big sis (she’s not technically my big sis, but just go with it). I haven’t seen her since May this year when she moved to Dubai, so we caught up for breakfast in the short 24 hours she was here (she sure doesn’t waste any time!). Skype & weekly phone calls help disguise the distance but I’ve missed seeing her smiling face and sharing stories face to face.

You’d think I’m used to being apart from my friends, considering I’ve lived a minimum 3,000km’s from five of my closest friends for years now but, with each new friend that moves away, it just gets harder and harder. Good news is that big sis is coming back end of this month for another 24 hours so yay!

And now something about the cafe of choice; If I could have taken more photos, I would but for now, check out more photos over at Renee’s blog- here.


Not my current colour but seriously considering going this colour again

After two bald patches, one set of missing results and numerous stuff arounds, I finally got my hair tissue analysis results after 6 months. They didn’t say what I thought they would. My naturopath was reaaaaaally concerned with the amount of mercury and strontium in my body…..looks like tuna 6 times a week is too much!

It’s interesting how you’re able to see your levels of calcium, iron, magnesium & other minerals just from a small snippet of hair. Sure, I’ve had numerous blood tests done by the doctors before but I’m always in & out within 2 minutes, only finding out that ‘everything is good’. I guess that’s the thing I love about seeing a Naturopath, you pay a little bit more but you get 40-60 minutes with them and they explain it all for you (I even got a print out of my results!)

If you want to know more about hair tissue (mineral) analyses, you can read about them: here.