Not my current colour but seriously considering going this colour again

After two bald patches, one set of missing results and numerous stuff arounds, I finally got my hair tissue analysis results after 6 months. They didn’t say what I thought they would. My naturopath was reaaaaaally concerned with the amount of mercury and strontium in my body…..looks like tuna 6 times a week is too much!

It’s interesting how you’re able to see your levels of calcium, iron, magnesium & other minerals just from a small snippet of hair. Sure, I’ve had numerous blood tests done by the doctors before but I’m always in & out within 2 minutes, only finding out that ‘everything is good’. I guess that’s the thing I love about seeing a Naturopath, you pay a little bit more but you get 40-60 minutes with them and they explain it all for you (I even got a print out of my results!)

If you want to know more about hair tissue (mineral) analyses, you can read about them: here.


2 thoughts on “Results….finally!

  1. This makes me wonder what my results would be like. I always get “everything’s perfect” when I do blood tests… I feel fine though, so I guess no reason to try to find a problem. Haha!

    • Definitely stay away from these tests if you can’t physically feel anything. Unlucky for me, I’ve always been a very sick/problematic child so it’s about time I get everything in order now!

      You should see my daily vitamin supply….it’s even more now!

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