Breakfast with Big Sis;

Sayer’s Sister, Lake St Perth

Yesterday, I finally got to see my big sis (she’s not technically my big sis, but just go with it). I haven’t seen her since May this year when she moved to Dubai, so we caught up for breakfast in the short 24 hours she was here (she sure doesn’t waste any time!). Skype & weekly phone calls help disguise the distance but I’ve missed seeing her smiling face and sharing stories face to face.

You’d think I’m used to being apart from my friends, considering I’ve lived a minimum 3,000km’s from five of my closest friends for years now but, with each new friend that moves away, it just gets harder and harder. Good news is that big sis is coming back end of this month for another 24 hours so yay!

And now something about the cafe of choice; If I could have taken more photos, I would but for now, check out more photos over at Renee’s blog- here.


3 thoughts on “Breakfast with Big Sis;

  1. The internet and phone can really help us keep in contact with those far away, but there is nothing like those face to face moments 🙂
    xo TJ

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