Itchy feet;

Quote by Theodore Roosevelt

I saw this quote in the morning & couldn’t help but feel these are the words I needed to hear this weekend. Instead of focusing on where I wish I was this weekend (on the East Coast with my bestie- an offer I had to decline regrettably), I’m going to instead, focus on how far I’ve come with my studies and how little time I have left with it all.

As much as I’m ready for the next chapter in my life, there are still some things I need to sort out where I am so this little time frame I have is a good thing. For a person like me, that has a problem with instant gratification, the biggest lesson I need to learn & apply to my life is being in the present moment & appreciating what this moment offers.

Days (and weeks) like these, I just need to look down at my ‘breathe’ tattoo and remember why it’s there.

Anyone else suffer (or suffered) from instant gratification and overcome it? 


One thought on “Itchy feet;

  1. I can’t tell you how big I smiled when I read this & how happy I was for you that you a) found this quote & b) had these realisations. I remember when I was at uni, all I wanted was to defer and travel sooner or get a full time job or move or…the reasons were endless. The BEST advice I ever got given was constantly by my mum who would tell me to perservere…ONLYYY 2 more years and you’re done she would say, onlyyy 1 more year sweetie and then it’s over….and it was the best thing I ever did. I STILL get chills of happiness remembering the feeling of handing in my last ever assignment, sitting my last ever exam & walking across that stage on graduation night. The world is our oyster & we choose what we want to do with our time…right now you are not far away from finishing an amazing degree & then have all the time in the world to do every little thing you wish. We are learning the same lessons together though hun … I am still learning (& will for a long time) to live in each & every moment & appreciate the current moments.
    p.s I LOVE your breathe tattoo xx

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