Change of direction;

Photo taken at Matarangi Beach, Coromandel (NZ)

Looking back over the last week, I can pinpoint an exact moment when things changed for the better. The exact moment I thought to myself, “I’m sick of feeling like this, I’m sick of these thoughts running around in circles”. The exact moment it happened, I had this out of body experience. It felt like I had taken a step back and watched myself from the outside. And as I watched on, I thought, “why am I getting involved in something that doesn’t benefit me nor does it have to have this negative impact on me”. So with that, I finally let go of what was holding me back. I let go of taking on problems that weren’t mine to solve & I accepted the fact that these things happened but they are now in the past. It was the conclusion to one chapter in my life that I hope I never have to open again.

I don’t think the finer details matter so much now, I think all that matters is that I’m heading in a better direction.


(photo idea from this image)


4 thoughts on “Change of direction;

  1. well done sweets, this is great to hear!! sounds like you are in a much better place now! sometimes you just got to rid your life of negative people and things and just focus on the positive… life is too short! xoox

  2. Its tough soul searching and thinking about what makes you happy and when you suddenly realise what does and doesnt its like everything changes. Sometimes you stare at things so hard we dont even realise they are the problem until you make the conscious effort to let go. When you close a door a window opens, heres hoping some great things come your way flying through that window x

  3. Wonderful! I’ve had moments like that too. Sometimes I wish I could steer them more, or provoke that feeling of epiphany instead of having to wait for it to come and wallow in my down mood for much too long. Wallowing is such a waste of time.

    • I just purchased the happiness trap book for myself! and have 11 more books in my bookdepository wishlist haha. I’m allowing myself 2 unread books on my bookshelf at a time!

      Did you enjoy it?

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