Pinterest: Dream House;

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When I first got Pinterest, I made a board labelled “Dream Home”. I was looking over that board today and it made me realise, there’s no such thing as one dream home for me. If I were to construct my dream home, it would be so mismatched and from a financial point of view, wouldn’t sell too well (thanks work for that knowledge).

I love too many eras and styles. I love the classic southern look, the weatherboard look, the indoor/outdoor flow, windows for days and houses that scream comfort.

Over the years, my taste has remained more or less the same but I’m still yet to find some photos of the ONE house I’d settle down in (it’s going to take a LOT to keep me in one place!) For now, I’ll have to describe it with words as best I can: it’ll be small but open, simple and minimal with great use of light. It’ll have more outdoor area than indoor, making the most of every season. I’m not sure which city or even country but all I know is, this is all you’ll see from the road:

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4 thoughts on “Pinterest: Dream House;

  1. Such a breathtaking house in the picture Hun! And you are so right, Pinterest makes you realise your dream home would be combined with heaps of different eras and styles 🙂 god bless Pinterest haha. Xx

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