The weekend: the mixed edition;

‘A Pleasant Breeze’- Watermelon Cocktail

The weekend consisted of drinks with my big sis (who was back in town for the week), checking out the new bars in town (Bar Lafayette, Print Hall, Bob’s Bar & Helvetica); sleep in’s, shopping trips, sushi & birthday celebrations with too many bottles of wine with old friends (and I lost count the number of times people asked me where the hell I’ve been hiding). There were run in’s with the ex, late nights & big sleep in’s until Sunday afternoon; cheering on friends auditioning for the Perth Female Lingerie Football League team (yeah, such a thing exists) and a whole lot of smiling involved when I received another ‘Future Me‘ letter.

Seriously, if there’s one way to make yourself smile, send a letter to yourself 3 or even 6 months from now & it makes you realise nothing bad lasts forever. I wrote my last letter during a tough time 4 months ago & driving home last night, I couldn’t believe how much things have turned around. I wrote some short term goals & I’m very happy to say I’ve been actively working towards them (even ticking off several).

Will you be writing a letter to yourself? Go on!


One thought on “The weekend: the mixed edition;

  1. That cocktail looks delicious. Future Me letters are soo fun to do! It’s always weird looking back at how much things change ay.

    My blogger doesn’t even show your new posts at all anymore, so annoying!

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