Sydney: Round two;

This Thursday, I’m on the red eye to Sydney (didn’t I learn last time?) with one Perth friend and 6 other kiwi’s waiting for me. We never really planned to be in one place at once, it just happened.

When B said she’ll be flying with her boyfriend New York to New Zealand via Sydney in November, I jumped at the chance to meet her (I haven’t seen her since early January). Since my best friend S is a flight attendant, it wasn’t a question of if she can make it, it’s more of how much time will we get with her (turns out, she gets a whole week! WOO). Next up it was Mase and her boyfriend who are driving from Melbourne to Brisbane in November but they didn’t have a date set….easy, I’ve set the date for you guys! All that was left was Z, my other close friend from NZ who is now living in Melbourne. She didn’t want to miss out on the gathering so she’s coming up for 2 days.

I’m excited! It’s been 18 months since us five girls were together at the same time & I can’t wait to introduce them to my Perth friend, K. After 6 days in Sydney, Perth friend & I are off to Melbourne to do some shopping, exploring and then I’ve got to do mass catch ups with the Melbourne residents (I seem to have more friends in Melbourne than Perth!) I’ve made the decision not to take my laptop with me so make sure you follow me on instagram: winterlustvo

Until my return, I’ve got a few posts scheduled 🙂


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