Reunited in Bondi;

My best friends ❤

No matter how many days I schedule for Bondi, it never seems to be enough. I spent 4 days in Bondi this time but I’m starting to think I’ll need a few months to feel satisfied. Waking up to that gorgeous bay could never get tiresome (just ask Eugene, who takes photos down there every single morning!)

My friends started arriving Saturday afternoon and before long, we had a bucket of sangria in our room that was all polished off (solid effort!) We stayed on the main strip so we just had to walk outside to get something to eat (we went to a Bavarian cafe that had yummy meals and plates to share which were also really well priced).

The weekend was spent eating, drinking, checking out new places and just being around each other as much as possible. Nothing about the weekend was planned other than our accommodation and it was nice to be able to just take our time waking up, eating breakfast around noon and laying on the beach on Sunday afternoon with no rush to go anywhere.

One friend left on Sunday night and the rest of us parted ways on Monday. The tears weren’t there this time (for anyone) and I guess it’s because we’re all one plane ride away from each other and the time between catch ups will never be too far apart. As one friend talks about stopping by Perth later next year, another two friends are just waiting to announce their moving dates (to Australia). Yeah it sucks not having your best friends by your side when all you want is a cuddle but I sometimes forget how far away they are with the amount of text messages, skype calls and phone calls that are exchanged between us.

It’s been nearly six years since I moved across the ditch but as we have gotten older, it has gotten easier to arrange these trips now that we’re all working full time. The next trip seems a while away but if the past year is anything to go by, it’ll be here in no time.

I’ll never get sick of this view!

Pre-breakfast walks along the coast


Sangria: backpacker style!

Coming up: a post about places to eat and drink at in Sydney & Bondi 


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