The year the world didn’t end aka 2012;


I welcomed in 2012 in a small little town called Martinborough, one hour North-East of Wellington. We got more rain than sun that week but it turned out to be a little blessing in disguise. The house we were staying in had dozens of books & I picked up, “Don’t sweat the small stuff” (more about it here) and it changed a lot of my brain wiring that week (call it a light bulb moment if you wish).

I came back to Perth with a completely different attitude and I think it showed with the new friendships I attracted and the new opportunities I was presented. This involved three work trips & a new position at work where I get to do even more field work (and looking at bigger mansions).

I put a lot of focus into my studies this year & the results speak for themselves. Now I’m able to go into 2013 as a 3rd year & hopefully finish in 13 months time (fingers crossed!)

Left side T to B: Piha, NZ; Australia Day @ Cottesloe Beach; 2012 reading material Right side: Bestie’s visit in April; Exmouth work trip

Friend/travel wise, I had my best friend come over end of April and we farewelled big sis together (who was also my housemate at the time). Then in July, with the help of bestie, I surprised two other friends in Melbourne and in November, all our planets aligned & I got to spend a few nights with my four friends from high school. I even managed to sneak in a little 3 day getaway in the last few days of 2012 but more about that later.

Left T to B: Melb in July with Z, bestie & Mase; helicopter ride with Kel; Right: Bondi in November w/ my best friends; Picnic in Perth in Dec; weekend away end of Dec


My hopes for 2013? That I’m surrounded by loving people. I’m not asking for much. Happy new year everyone! x


Just like that;

Surfers Point, Margaret River | November 2011

With so many friends out of town this weekend & no plans in Perth for myself, I booked myself 2 nights accommodation in Margaret River (3 hours south of Perth). It’s currently 10:30pm & I’m off tomorrow morning. Talk about spur of the moment! There’s not really much I need to pack- just my bathers, sunscreen, towel and a few dresses.

Looks like I’m crossing off #3 on my list of 25 things before I’m 25!

New traditions;

I’ve been feeling pretty down this past month, thinking about my current stand still situation & how I’m not spending my Christmas back home (in New Zealand). But on Christmas Eve, things changed. Last minute, I got home from work & drove down to the beach where some friends were meeting for dinner. It wasn’t anything special, just the easiest things we could find at the local supermarket but it was a good night. We talked, we laughed, we watched the sun go down and then we went to a friends house nearby where I had a little bonding session with two other kiwi’s not only from Auckland, but from one suburb away from where I grew up (craaaaaaaaazy small world!)

And you know what? I had a great time on Christmas Eve & then again meeting up with some girlfriends on Christmas night. Maybe Perth isn’t so bad! (lets not talk about the 42 degree weather though).

Christmas Eve with some friends

Christmas night

Taking it back;

This weekend I heard a song that took me back a good few years (7 or 8?) to a time when I was probably the most carefree…..and totally wreckless. Isn’t it funny how certain songs will bring back one particular memory? This song takes me back to New Zealand, a certain night with friends that I’d like to remember in 1o years time but judging by my brain capacity, I better write it down!

Anyone else remember this brilliant little number?


Photo source: Miranda Kerr’s Instagram

Marking the significance of today’s date, (12/12/12) and my love for number patterns, I thought I’d make a list of things I’m loving today and this month:

– Being on summer holidays & reading books for pleasure again

– Signing up to the gym & getting 4 weeks free (hello christmas savings!)

– Working alongside someone with 20 years Valuation experience

– Valuing million dollar mansions and realising time & time again that money doesn’t buy you taste

– The amount of times big sis has been back in Perth (she’s back again today woo!)

– Driving 25 minutes along the Perth coast & feeling very lucky to live in such a beautiful city

– Clothes steamers for $49 from K-Mart; best thing ever!!

– And even though I’m sad I’m not in NZ for xmas or London, I get to be in Perth with open arms for all my inter-state friends (trying to look at the positives here!)

My other home;

Melbourne stole my heart on this particular visit. I don’t know if it was because I was showing a Perth friend around and I got to slow down and take it all in again, or if it was because I now have so many friends living there. Whatever it was, it was hard to get on that plane back to Perth & it took me a while to get over my visit.

Here’s a few snaps of the highlights of my visit to Melbourne:

Max Brenner, YUM!

Max Brenner, YUM!

I don't think I'll ever stop admiring the view from the Southbank!

I don’t think I’ll ever stop admiring the view from the Southbank!

Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Vegie Bar, Fitzroy

Vegie Bar, Fitzroy

The view from The Lui Bar, 55 levels above

The view from The Lui Bar, 55 levels above

I can't help revisiting the same places- Madam Brussel's cocktail jugs never disappoint!

I can’t help revisiting the same places- Madame Brussel’s cocktail jugs never disappoint!

Drinks on the last day with a Perth friend @ Ponyfish Island. Melbourne was showing off on this day!

Drinks on the last day with a Perth friend @ Ponyfish Island. Melbourne was showing off on this day!

I’ve also made a list of my favourite eating & drinking spots if anyone is going there anytime soon:


Vegie Bar, Fitzroy (I cannot recommend this place enough! everything is so fresh and affordable!)

The Atlantic, Southbank (good for anything out of the water, I would recommend getting the whole burramundi de-filleted though, that was a rookie mistake on my behalf)

Chocolate Buddha, CBD (awesome Japanese restaurant in Federation Square)

La Citta, CBD (Italian restaurant on Degraves St, one of the main laneways in the CBD)

Don Vincenzo, Fitzroy (cute little breakfast spot on Brunswick St that is gluten free friendly)

Rare Steakhouse, CBD (good steak that doesn’t break the budget!)

Five66, CBD (corner of Flinders & Spencer; their veggie omelette is to die for!)


Lui Bar, CBD (get there before the sun sets!)

Berlin Bar, CBD (it’s divided into two bars to represent east & west which is AWESOME)

New Gold Mountain, CBD (be ready for lots of stairs! so worth it though)

The Carlton, CBD (awesome atmosphere)

Captain Baxter, St Kilda (new place!)

Section 8, CBD (good for live outdoor music, you must try grandma’s peach punch!)

Madame Brussels, CBD (yummy cheese platters, chocolate fondue and the sangria and gin jugs are delish!)

Ponyfish Island, CBD (under the bridge, awesome any time of year)

Friday Letters- the ones that never come on time;

Last day of spring in Perth <3

Last day of spring in Perth ❤


I’m really enjoying the ‘Friday Letter’s but I’m struggling to have them up on the Friday (hence why most are late than on time!) Do I still call them ‘Friday Letters’ if they are uploaded on Sundays? Or do I rename them?

Here are my letters for the week:

Dear Fabric, London;

It’s been two years since I partied in your three-level premises but with another year of university, my return doesn’t look like it’ll be any time soon. It was hard deleting your weekly newsletters, but it broke my heart even more seeing those Friday line-ups. I’ll be back soon enough.

Dear big sis;

I was feeling pretty flat last week, the holiday season didn’t look so bright until you mentioned you’ll be home for Christmas!! Way to get me excited! Can’t wait to see you in 20 days for lots of sun, beach & catching up.

Dear Armani;

I’m not sure what you put in your new ‘Maestro‘ Fusion Foundation but I am in loveeeeeee! Considering I’ve always had oily skin & powder needs to be applied several times a day, I love the fact I haven’t touched my powder since I’ve started using your amazing foundation. And who could forget the fact that after an 11 hour day, my face still looks fresh? Definitely gets the tick of approval from me!

Dear sparkling wine;

We are never, ever getting back together. Ever.