Friday Letters- the ones that never come on time;

Last day of spring in Perth <3

Last day of spring in Perth ❤


I’m really enjoying the ‘Friday Letter’s but I’m struggling to have them up on the Friday (hence why most are late than on time!) Do I still call them ‘Friday Letters’ if they are uploaded on Sundays? Or do I rename them?

Here are my letters for the week:

Dear Fabric, London;

It’s been two years since I partied in your three-level premises but with another year of university, my return doesn’t look like it’ll be any time soon. It was hard deleting your weekly newsletters, but it broke my heart even more seeing those Friday line-ups. I’ll be back soon enough.

Dear big sis;

I was feeling pretty flat last week, the holiday season didn’t look so bright until you mentioned you’ll be home for Christmas!! Way to get me excited! Can’t wait to see you in 20 days for lots of sun, beach & catching up.

Dear Armani;

I’m not sure what you put in your new ‘Maestro‘ Fusion Foundation but I am in loveeeeeee! Considering I’ve always had oily skin & powder needs to be applied several times a day, I love the fact I haven’t touched my powder since I’ve started using your amazing foundation. And who could forget the fact that after an 11 hour day, my face still looks fresh? Definitely gets the tick of approval from me!

Dear sparkling wine;

We are never, ever getting back together. Ever.


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