Photo source: Miranda Kerr’s Instagram

Marking the significance of today’s date, (12/12/12) and my love for number patterns, I thought I’d make a list of things I’m loving today and this month:

– Being on summer holidays & reading books for pleasure again

– Signing up to the gym & getting 4 weeks free (hello christmas savings!)

– Working alongside someone with 20 years Valuation experience

– Valuing million dollar mansions and realising time & time again that money doesn’t buy you taste

– The amount of times big sis has been back in Perth (she’s back again today woo!)

– Driving 25 minutes along the Perth coast & feeling very lucky to live in such a beautiful city

– Clothes steamers for $49 from K-Mart; best thing ever!!

– And even though I’m sad I’m not in NZ for xmas or London, I get to be in Perth with open arms for all my inter-state friends (trying to look at the positives here!)


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