The year the world didn’t end aka 2012;


I welcomed in 2012 in a small little town called Martinborough, one hour North-East of Wellington. We got more rain than sun that week but it turned out to be a little blessing in disguise. The house we were staying in had dozens of books & I picked up, “Don’t sweat the small stuff” (more about it here) and it changed a lot of my brain wiring that week (call it a light bulb moment if you wish).

I came back to Perth with a completely different attitude and I think it showed with the new friendships I attracted and the new opportunities I was presented. This involved three work trips & a new position at work where I get to do even more field work (and looking at bigger mansions).

I put a lot of focus into my studies this year & the results speak for themselves. Now I’m able to go into 2013 as a 3rd year & hopefully finish in 13 months time (fingers crossed!)

Left side T to B: Piha, NZ; Australia Day @ Cottesloe Beach; 2012 reading material Right side: Bestie’s visit in April; Exmouth work trip

Friend/travel wise, I had my best friend come over end of April and we farewelled big sis together (who was also my housemate at the time). Then in July, with the help of bestie, I surprised two other friends in Melbourne and in November, all our planets aligned & I got to spend a few nights with my four friends from high school. I even managed to sneak in a little 3 day getaway in the last few days of 2012 but more about that later.

Left T to B: Melb in July with Z, bestie & Mase; helicopter ride with Kel; Right: Bondi in November w/ my best friends; Picnic in Perth in Dec; weekend away end of Dec


My hopes for 2013? That I’m surrounded by loving people. I’m not asking for much. Happy new year everyone! x


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