Last few hours of summer (holidays);

Where the hell did the past 46.5 days go? I definitely stayed true to my word of making the most of the summer, I managed to do all I set out to do except wake board (it’s been either too hot or too windy when I’ve wanted to go) plus a bunch of other cool stuff like thisthis and this. After the intensive 4.5 weeks of summer school, I’ve still got another 3 weekends to fit in a whole lot of beach, catch ups, road trips, birthdays and hopefully some wake boarding!

I am a little worried about what I’ve signed myself up for though. 16 hours at uni,  8-10 hours of reading prep AND my full time job all in one week? Then there’s also the assignments too. Luckily work is pretty quiet in January and my hours are flexible. I have had bestie comment that I’m good at being busy (is that a good thing?) nevertheless, I’ve got my meditation and mindfulness techniques up my sleeve just in case though!

I may be a little absent until early February, we’ll see though.

Hello 2013!

Picking up our ride for the day!

While 2012 was a great year, starting in NZ and ending at a house party with Anna over at Lifes Shiny Pretty Things + her wonderful partner Morgs, 2013 is already shaping up to be a very good year and it’s only the 6th day! Waking up on the 1st was a little hard after far too many vodkas (nevermind the fact it was 35 degrees at 9am….what??) but I dragged myself down to the Fremantle boat pin for a day of cruising along the river with some friends.

We had close to everything: meat, salads, cheese, crackers, fruit, frozen fruit, ice and of course cold drinks. And blender for the daiquiris? Yeah we even had that!

I was eyeing of this beauty all day….valued at a cool $8 million dollars! (check out how big it is compared to the jetski!)

Boats are such compact things. There’s plenty of sitting, dancing & tanning areas AND there’s even room for a bed, kitchen, toilet AND storage room! Once uni is over, I’m saving for a boat.

It’s final!

Weekend away: Margaret River;

With four days off work & nothing keeping me in Perth last weekend, I packed up my car and headed down to Margaret River. I booked my Sunday night accommodation in Gnarabup on the Friday night but didn’t actually have anything booked for the Saturday night until 30 minutes before leaving. Yeah, talk about last minute!

I thought I’d escape the heat of Perth but no such luck! So instead I made the most of it: I spent the weekend at Prevelly Beach, soaking up the sun, having lunch at The Cheeky Monkey Brewery (their ‘Howler‘ pizza is to die for!), watching ‘Argo‘ at Cape Mentelle (movies in a winery), enjoying a thai salad at The White Elephant cafe, hanging out with a kiwi and some Queenslanders at Surfpoint (backpackers by the beach) and of course, no trip down to Margaret River is complete without a few winery stops!

I always stop by Evans & Tate which is located on the corner of Metricup Road & Caves Road (I picked up a bottle of the pink Moscato) & this time, I stopped by a new winery called Island Brook Estate which the kind lady at Evans recommended for sweet reds (I also got a bottle of the Rose`).

Here’s a few pictures from my instagram from the weekend:

The gorgeous marquee for the bar area

Waiting for the sun to set..

And the beach?

I could of watched the waves for days!