Hello 2013!

Picking up our ride for the day!

While 2012 was a great year, starting in NZ and ending at a house party with Anna over at Lifes Shiny Pretty Things + her wonderful partner Morgs, 2013 is already shaping up to be a very good year and it’s only the 6th day! Waking up on the 1st was a little hard after far too many vodkas (nevermind the fact it was 35 degrees at 9am….what??) but I dragged myself down to the Fremantle boat pin for a day of cruising along the river with some friends.

We had close to everything: meat, salads, cheese, crackers, fruit, frozen fruit, ice and of course cold drinks. And blender for the daiquiris? Yeah we even had that!

I was eyeing of this beauty all day….valued at a cool $8 million dollars! (check out how big it is compared to the jetski!)

Boats are such compact things. There’s plenty of sitting, dancing & tanning areas AND there’s even room for a bed, kitchen, toilet AND storage room! Once uni is over, I’m saving for a boat.

It’s final!

6 thoughts on “Hello 2013!

  1. What a great first day of the year! I spent january 1st being lazy, lying around at home in bed (thankfully not all that hungover though). I did get some design work done, and I had a good New Years Eve so I had nice memories to reflect on.

    • Well that’s the good thing about having christmas & new years in the summer time, as soon as you get yourself in the water, hangover is gone!

      I liked the sound of your 12 hour NYE though!!

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