Last few hours of summer (holidays);

Where the hell did the past 46.5 days go? I definitely stayed true to my word of making the most of the summer, I managed to do all I set out to do except wake board (it’s been either too hot or too windy when I’ve wanted to go) plus a bunch of other cool stuff like thisthis and this. After the intensive 4.5 weeks of summer school, I’ve still got another 3 weekends to fit in a whole lot of beach, catch ups, road trips, birthdays and hopefully some wake boarding!

I am a little worried about what I’ve signed myself up for though. 16 hours at uni,  8-10 hours of reading prep AND my full time job all in one week? Then there’s also the assignments too. Luckily work is pretty quiet in January and my hours are flexible. I have had bestie comment that I’m good at being busy (is that a good thing?) nevertheless, I’ve got my meditation and mindfulness techniques up my sleeve just in case though!

I may be a little absent until early February, we’ll see though.

2 thoughts on “Last few hours of summer (holidays);

  1. I think it’s good to be good at being busy! My bestie is like that too. She loves having her days filled up and lots to do. That is definitely when she is happiest! I am not like that at all. Jared is though, so opposites must attract! Also. I LOVE wake boarding, definitely my favorite sport. Good luck!

  2. I think being busy is a good thing, as long as you get some down time every once in a while. I find that when I’m NOT busy, I tend to have too much time to think and over-analyze things.

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