Down south: the birthday edition;

View from the Bunkers Beach Cafe

Last Friday, I went on a little road trip two & a half hours south of Perth with five other girlfriends. We celebrated two birthdays over four days with lunch on the beach, visits to the local markets, wine tours (our own & an organised one) and far too much good food & wine. We were lucky enough to stay at B’s holiday house so when we weren’t out and about, we were at home, cooking venison, making up all sorts of platters and relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine.

It was good to get away for a long weekend with some friends; some I don’t see very often & one I hadn’t even hung out with properly but love dearly after that weekend away!

Check out my list of places to visit at the bottom of this post and let me know if there’s any you love that I can check out next time!

Lunch at Bunkers Beach Cafe

Our living room chill beds

Home-made ‘Devils on horseback’ (Dates, blue cheese and proscuitto) YUM!

Our yummy platter & side of caprese (all local produce!)

Raw cake from the Margaret River Markets…delish!

Outside The Grove Distillery

The outdoor area of Laurance’s Winery…how lush is that grass!

Because posing got a little boring this weekend..

And Laurance’s individual toilet rooms? They’re on another level!

Saracen…I’ll be back in the winter time with a glass of mulled wine in my hand!


Hay Shed Hill with the girls

This wasn’t all of it either…


Gluten free pancakes with sweetened cashew and maca cream, fresh banana and warm acai berry coulis…what a way to end a good trip away!





Now where was I?

Today, I finally said goodbye to summer school after an intensive six week study period. At times, I wondered, “what the hell was I thinking?” but I managed to pull through & it feels pretty damn amazing knowing I’m two units closer to finishing my degree!

The reason I did two units over the summer instead of one (like normal people), was the possibility of me finishing my degree five months earlier than planned and that far outweighed these six measly weeks (I’ve always been a pro’s and con’s list-kinda-girl!)

And you know what? I managed just fine these past six weeks. Sure I had to put the blog aside (it takes me forever to write posts because I stop and think about a dozen times) but I still had a life outside of work & university.

There were lunch dates, pool parties, early morning weekend markets, breakfast dates, Australia Day celebrations, a lot of beach time, wine tasting on a weeknight, lunch dates, a road trip, a very life changing moment with big sis (more about that later), a birthday boat party AND twice-weekly personal training sessions (because if summer school wasn’t enough, I also set myself a goal on the 2nd of January to be my absolute fittest by 9th February….talk about piling up my plate!)

2013 is looking good so far! Here’s a few snaps from the past six weeks:


I am OBSESSED with smoothies!


I’ve also managed to go relatively chocolate free thanks to these bad boys (prune raw balls with a whole lotta healthy things thrown in)


Checking out new breakfast spots recommended by friends- absolute favourite this one! [Ootong & Lincoln, South Fremantle]


& of course, the boat party of all parties! There’s me with my hand in the air within the first 30 minutes. Things didn’t end well!

What’s in store for me this year? a few weeks break & then a whole lot more uni now that I’m in my final year (hopefully!)