Lately….because it’s been awhile;

With 2013 being my last year of uni & March being one of the busiest social months as of late, I’ve really ditched the blog. I’ve wanted to sit down numerous times but when the clock says 11:15pm and writing wakes up my brain, I’ve had to tell myself no….as hard as it has been. I think 2013 blog wise, this little writing space of mine will be filled with monthly summaries and the occasional post that is too special to fit in with the said summaries.

So here’s the March summary. Property Finance, Property Development, Property Economics and Specialised Property Valuations at uni. Lots of family court jobs at work as well as development potential valuations that have gotten me excited beyond words. Beach swims with old friends. Pool swims. Soundwave Music Festival where I got to see Sum 41, Garbage, Blink 182 & Cypress Hill. Sculptures by the Sea in Cottesloe. Breakfast dates with big sis. Hen’s Party. Airport pick ups. Steak Nights. Quick lunch catch ups with big sis before she flew out, next home visit unknown. Fishing at Wedge. Sets on the Beach with Hermitude and DJ Lord. The end of something. Work Drinks. Wedding. Dinner from high places. Easter Long Weekend.

Here’s a few snaps that make March the unforgettable month it was:

Garbage at Soundwave Festival

Sculptures by the Sea…I went on the very first morning and it wasn’t quite ready!

Pool hangs with K


Breakfast at Gordon St Garage with big sis

River walks that help recharge my batteries

He was pretty yummy 😉

There’s nothing quite like waking up on the beach & hearing the ocean crashing nearby

DJ Lord at Sets on the Beach, Scarborough

Witnessing the marriage between two dear friends- magical!

Dinner from the 33rd floor; C Restaurant


Phew. It’s been a big month! April, can you please be a little quieter for this introvert?


Six years;

Today marked 6 years since I moved to this beautiful city. I’m saving the big, lengthy post about my time here for next year as it’ll mark a very special moment so for now, lets just say I’m really happy where I am and how far I’ve come. Here’s to another year of university, travels, friends & a whole lot of growing!