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I found this quote last week…..somewhere on the internet (thank god there’s a tag; via Striking Truths) and could not believe the timing. After a busy start to 2013, with work picking up at an increasing speed and uni also doing the same (thanks Murphy for your stupid law), I said yes to a last minute trip with my bestie. Considering the fact we haven’t spent more than a whole day alone in a year is a crazy thought (group catch ups with friends in Melbourne¬†&Sydney¬†last year don’t count).

So as you read this, I’m on my way to the airport for a week in Broome for quality, relaxing time with my best friend, S. I’m bringing my tablet with me to do some study but other than that, I plan to read, write and relax by the pool and have big chats with S.

Can I do 5 days with no social media or my phone? For someone that spends a crazy amount of time on Instagram…we’ll see about that one!