Broome Adventures;

Last month, I went to Broome for the first time with my best friend. The weather forecast said it’d be 35 degrees everyday which was perfect, because Perth was getting down to 20 (cold in comparison to the 40+ summer days we’ve had). But something I realised when we stepped off the plane…35 degrees in Broome is TOTALLY different to 35 degrees in Perth!

After the initial shock & angry outbursts because it felt so uncomfortable, my body adapted by the second day. We spent our days laying on the beach under big umbrellas (thanks to Beach Hut or else I’d be a lot more sunburnt than I was!) and nights at the bar watching the sunset.

It was good spending time with S, someone who isn’t so clued up on social media (all she has is Facebook) so I had my phone on flight mode most of the trip, only checking Facebook/Twitter/Instagram updates early in the morning or just before bed. And I even managed to read two books instead of constantly refreshing my social media/checking emails/pinterest.

Last month marked sixteen years since S came into my life and we reflected on our earlier childhood fun, the teenage years & the last few years we’ve been apart (I hate remembering how long it’s been because it only makes me sad). The next 12 months are going to be full of change, and I welcome the change with open arms!

Until then, I’ll be making the most of my current situation & enjoying every minute of it!

NEXT UP: Photos from my Broome trip & things we got up to


2 thoughts on “Broome Adventures;

    • Broome was so beautiful, I’m trying to think of when I can go back again!

      I’ve been to Bunbury a few times, usually as a toilet/lunch stop before heading down to Busselton, Dunsborough & Margaret River. It’s a gorgeous little town though


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