Broome snaps & things to do;

The photos are finally here! I packed a disposable camera for my Broome trip (I’m loving the waterproof ones!) because I love the photo quality and how much they remind me of my summers in New Zealand; I went through countless rolls of film every summer back home! Unfortunately, out of the 19 photos I got on film last month, only a few turned out. Luckily, S got a brand new camera on the way to Perth so in this post, there’s a mix of film, digital & iphone snaps. Can you guess which ones are which?

The walk to the beach which took 7-10mins but felt like hours!

The infamous Cable Beach!

This is how I spent every day; reading under the umbrella & going for long swims every hour. Life is tough….

The hourly swim

It was usually calm though!


The beautiful Miss S


Camels! They were such beautiful things

Oh so adorable!


& I found them hilarious!

Before the ride with our camel, Zara


How many times have you been photobombed by a camel?

The camel tour people were so lovely- they took so many snaps for us on our own cameras


Nothing like a West Coast sunset!


$4 for two chicken quesadillas…cheapest meal in town!

& because no Broome trip is complete without a visit to Matso’s Brewery!


Beer tasters

What would I recommend?

– Staying in Cable Beach because you’ll want to be in the water all day every day (and the guys at Beach Hut have you sorted for umbrellas, sun lounges, beach chairs, sunscreen AND cold water every day)

– The pizza from The Sunset Bar (and the amazing view of the sunset isn’t too bad!)

– The sticky date pudding from The Zoo Cafe in Cable Beach (for only $10, it was devineeeee!)

Hiring a car for the day and heading to Gantheaume Point via Kavite Road (the red dirt road pictured first)

– Watching the sunset from the grass near Sunset Bar (complete with a bottle of wine or ciders!)

Matso’s Brewery in town which has yummy food and the tastiest ciders (their beers are pretty good too, according to S)

– Having dinner at Diver’s Tavern in Cable Beach for a super relaxed evening (that’s where the quesadillas are from!)

– Get plenty of Vitamin B1 supplements beforehand or during the trip if you’ve never experienced sand fly bites (very unpleasant and SO DAMN ITCHY!!)

Already planning my trip back…


4 thoughts on “Broome snaps & things to do;

  1. Ahhhh broome time so relaxing and warm and a great destination 🙂
    You did well with your camel outfit choice very cute and practical. Did you get spit on? I was a little scared of the camels when I went!
    Love the grainy water shots, Im guessing they were on the disposable camera? Very in the moment and non posed those type of photos are the best 🙂
    Digging your new blog lay out by the way and thanks so much adding me to your I Heart Perth!

    • Yep, you guessed the disposable! It’s probably a little obvious huh?

      Thank you! I’ve been in the middle of changing around all social media naming & figured a new layout would be good too 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness Anna -your photos are amazing, as always! Stoked you’re staying loyal to film, they turn out so great 🙂 Anyway, love checking your blog & seeing all these updates that blogger never seems to tell me about, you have such sweet adventures 🙂

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