Dreaming of Elwood;

Every now and then, I look on realestate.com.au to see what’s available to buy or rent. With university finishing up in the next 6-8 months, I’m free to work and live where ever I please (the benefits of property valuation!)
Most days, I look at houses that are far beyond my reach (for now at least) but lately, I’ve been looking at what I can realistically afford by myself. I’ve never been an apartment kind of person, because where will my poor (future) bulldog live? But when I saw this little studio apartment in Elwood, Melbourne, my heart melted into a million pieces.
It’s situated on the first floor of a mansion, within 10 minutes walk of the harbour. It’s got beautiful high ceilings, so high that you can stand on the floor of the bedroom loft and still not touch the ceilings. 
I can’t stop myself looking at the photos online, imagining what kind of furniture I’d put in. After reading Sarah Wilson’s ‘Simple Home’ series, I would definitely apply the simple home principle to this wee place.

I am in loveeeee with the natural light!

Looking out to the entrance and bathroom


And the stairs up to the loft? No problems, I’ll just make sure my couch is super comfy to sleep on!


5 thoughts on “Dreaming of Elwood;

  1. I love Elwood, about a year ago when Melbourne was an option for me I was looking at places in Elwood, love the vibe there. This apartment is gorge.
    How exciting you might move on from Perth – the world is your oyster 🙂 xx

  2. Oh my goodness Anna, just clicked over to your blog from Instagram and fell in love with your first three posts! Love every topic. I’m procrastinating right now (trying desperately to finish a story by tomorrow morning) but will look forward to getting stuck into your stories when I have some proper downtime to enjoy them 🙂

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