How to love Perth more;

Today, I picked up my first Entertainment book from a friend. For those not familiar with the book, there’s one released every year. This book can be used from June 2013 to June 2014 and offers a range of discounts in Perth, the Swan Valley, Margaret River and a few places over East…score!

It’s broken up into sections: fine dining, cafe and bistro dining, casual dining, informal/takeaway, arts/sports/attractions, retail, shopping (including florists and magazines!) and my absolute favourite? car rentals, theme parks and over 1,000 hotels and resorts throughout Australia & New Zealand (even a few for Bali!)

I’m actually sitting here scratching my head and wondering why I didn’t get one sooner! It’s the perfect way to try something new with friends and/or family AND save money.

You can find out more information: HERE.

Anyone else never bought an Entertainment Book? Or am I the only one?


3 thoughts on “How to love Perth more;

  1. Iv been buying this book every year for about 15 years now its fantastic. All it takes is going to 2 restaurants in the fine dining area and you’ve already saved your money. I find it really useful for trying new places, and then theres some favourites I always return to like Red Cabbage because its more affordable with the voucher than paying the full bill.

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