The Cabin;

Source: The Cabin’s website

Last night, I went to The Cabin in Mount Hawthorn for K’s engagement party (a friend who’s also asked me to be a bridesmaid!!). I haven’t been back to The Cabin since K’s birthday in 2009 and I’m really not sure why. Not only do they have the best mulled wine in town, served in the perfect sized stemless round wine glass, they have the heaters on high, creating the perfect atmosphere for a cosy dinner or drinks with some friends. And the brick work? Heaven on earth for this exposed brick wall obsessed girl!

Last night crept up on me out of nowhere though. After focusing so much energy on my finance exam on Tuesday night & then spending every night finishing my biggest assignment to date (that was due at 6pm Friday night), I forgot there was life after this week & I hadn’t thought to invite a date to the engagement party. I haven’t done a solo social event in what feels like years & I seem to have forgotten I backpacked through Europe by myself for 3 months. And boy have I missed that!

I ended up talking to a Town Planner about some of the work he’s been doing for local councils & discussing how times have changed between our generations (he was a lot older than me). Then there was the guy that works in Social Housing & the couple who seem more in love than ever, sharing their wedding details with me from three years ago. And there was also L, the guy I met through K when we went on a double date this time last year who will most likely be my partner for the wedding.

I walked out of the place thinking I need to do solo outings more often. It’s like a whole different person comes alive and I kinda miss that side of me!


2 thoughts on “The Cabin;

  1. I haven’t been to The Cabin! Sounds like I need to give it a whirl. And you are right, it’s not always bad going to things alone! My partners is away for work a lot so I’ve gotten used to going to parties and things solo. Sometimes I feel like it’s the last thing in the world I feel like doing, but so often I find that it pushes me out of my comfort zone and forces me to meet new people – rarely a bad thing!

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