Winter Break ’13;

On Thursday night, I completed my last exam for the semester & I can’t express how much lighter I feel now. There’s a few things I wish I had done differently (like take March a little more seriously and take some time off during study week) but it’s all in the past now & here’s to one more semester at uni! That thought still hasn’t sunk in yet & it probably won’t until I get my results back in a few weeks but still a crazy thought none the less!

What have I been up to post exams? Treating myself to all sorts of chocolate, my favourite pizza (chicken and avocado with caesar sauce), skype chats with big sis, personal training with K.S followed by walks around Fremantle & lunch at Bib & Tucker (above view- can you believe it’s the middle of winter here?), river walks with M where there was a lot of Cali dreaming going on & enjoying a lovely Saturday night in watching cheesy Zac Efron movies & catching up on emails & blog posts.

What’s in store for the next five weeks? Oh you can bet it’s going to be an action packed five weeks!

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