Time over east;

Last Wednesday, I flew over east for 5 days. Most people have asked me, “only 5 days?” but you’ll be surprised what you can do in a few days!

I spent some time on an island with bestie and her soon in-laws, caught up with friends for dinner & wine, tried yummy desserts in the city, went for a morning walk around Kangaroo Point (Brisbane), drove down to the Gold Coast for lunch, walked around the Coolangatta area, spent an evening & morning up the Q1, watched the sunrise from Surfers Paradise followed by a morning beach walk, drove down to Byron, Newrybar and Ballina, walked around Byron and up to the Lighthouse, explored the hills, learnt more about Buddhism at Crystal Castle and watched the sun go down from various spots near the water.

Once I sort through all the photos, more posts to more!

All on track;

It’s that day! My results for last semester are finally here and I went better than I thought; which is the best booster before flying out to see my best friend this weekend! Why do these results matter so much? They were the make or break point with my graduation date. So instead of graduating early next year, I’m all on track to finish 2013 and start 2014 in New Zealand with my best friends, with no pressure to go back to university for another intensive summer school period.

The next question is, can I possibly do my biggest semester to date with my best friend’s wedding in the mix? (in the busiest month too). I’m going to hang this quote in my room and look at it every day until it’s true:

U p d a t e ;

This past week has been a total mix bag! There were plans, celebrations, exciting news, accidents & last minute adventures. Above all, I cannot believe how much I have shifted mentally. Waking up this morning, I couldn’t believe how well I handled situations that were supposed to ‘stress’ me out & how much one single outing has occupied so much of my brain space (totally unexpected as well).

Photo taken in Bar Lafayette in the Brookfield Place

Friday night, I went out with some work/uni girls to a property function that was organised by the young property professionals for under 35’s in the industry. Drinks & nibbles were organised at The Terrace Hotel where we mingled with others in the industry. It was a great success! And the Terrace Hotel looks INCREDIBLE since the renovation. If you’re a interior nerd like myself, you will love this place. Exposed brick (like the wall I snapped at Bar Lafayette the night before), wide timber floorboards and the most beautiful wallpaper in the dining area. Their dinner menu looks pretty damn delicious too!

Saturday afternoon, when I was only 1 minute away from meeting a friend for a coastal walk, I got swiped by a 4WD. Luckily we were approaching the lights so it wasn’t as bad as it could of been. Yeah, it’s a total inconvenience taking my car into the panel beaters twice in one week to get assessed but my scratches are minor; I can still drive….I just get the biggest looks from passby-ers and majority drive past me FAST, thinking I’m the bad driver, HA!

On Sunday, after an early breakfast date at Bib & Tucker followed by a pump class, I got a message from a friend wondering if I had finished exams yet. He was at work and needed to run a jet ski for a client (he works at one of the marinas in Perth) so within an hour, I’m in my shorts & sandals driving to Fremantle, making the most of the glorious winter weather we’ve been having. We ended up riding the jet ski from Fremantle to the city for a drink at The Lucky Shag. We saw dozens of dolphins along the way (gosh those guys live THE life!) and of course not long after, we get smashed by a wave on the way to the city which left me thinking I was about to freeze to death (I came pretty close with my brain freezing, ouch!). Fun Sunday afternoon though.

Tuesday night, I finally celebrated end of exams with my uni/work girls. We went to The Aviary for some mulled wine followed by dinner at Jamie’s Italian. The wait time is decreasing for those not booking weeks ahead; we only waited an hour to be seated after putting our name down at 5:45pm. I was VERY tempted to order the same main as last time but luckily picked another winning dish (Honeycomb Cannelloni 3 ways). For entree, we shared the pumpkin & smoked mozzarella nachos, crispy squid, stuffed peppers and crispy stuffed risotto balls. For dessert, there was warm brownie, tutti fruitti lemon meringue pie and a chocolate pot to share (can’t say a lot of sharing was involved in the end!) We shared a bottle of ‘Montepulciano D’Abruzzo‘ and I don’t even drink red wine but loved this one!

Last night, I went to the Bliss n Eso concert and although I’ve heard of Yelawolf, I didn’t actually listen to any of his music. Bliss n Eso are my favourite Australia Hip Hop act so I never doubted their choice in support acts but when Yelawolf came on, I was blown away. His style is like nothing I’ve heard recently & his stage presence was too good. His American-ism took me back to my time there & some of the people I was hanging out with. It made me miss them so much but also so excited about my trip back next year. More than anything, watching Yelawolf reminded me of someone that hurt me really bad recently. The voice, the clothing, the face & the tattoos. Maybe I haven’t quite gotten over it or maybe I’m not supposed to just yet but man, feels like an old cut that needs to heal again. Question is, do I leave it covered or wide open?

Total mix bag! 

Bib & Tucker;

Image via Courtney @ allthingsfabulousblog

After three visits since Bib & Tucker opened, it’s safe to say it’s my favourite place to eat! Located above the new Fremantle Surf Lifesaving Club, overlooking Leighton Beach, I’d say they’ve got the best coastal location in Perth. The place is still really busy over three months since opening so I’d recommend going really early for breakfast or before they start their lunch menu at 12pm.

So far, I’ve tried the Huevos divorcados and Truffled Eggs (breakfast) and the Fish Tacos, Textural beetroot salad and Smoked beef brisket sliders (lunch). All dishes have been incredible & the drinks? Their cleanse juice, salted carmel milkshake and banana + nutella milkshakes are TOO good.

I’ve already got plans to go back and try their Bombe Alaska dessert. How good does it look?

Packing up once more;

Image via

I’ve given up on being settled any time soon. September last year, I moved into my sixth house in under six years and as much as it would be nice to stay here until I finish university at the end of the year, another move is happening this month.

So in two weeks time, I’ll be packing it all up again for the seventh time in under six & a half years. Am I exhausted of packing up? Nope cause I’ve barely unpacked since I moved here! Isn’t it hard moving all my stuff? Nope, I have hardly anything thanks to my big clean last winter break. Am I excited to move? You bet! I’ll be moving even closer to both my offices AND my all time favourite part of the river. I’ll be a few minutes from a ferry to the city and my favourite pub & ice creamery….which won’t be  too good for my body so I’m going to have to learn some self control!

It’ll be a smaller place which gets me even MORE excited (in case you haven’t seen my ‘small space‘ pinterest board). I love living in cosy little places, having minimal belongings & using space efficiently.

Now….time to get rid of more stuff!