Packing up once more;

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I’ve given up on being settled any time soon. September last year, I moved into my sixth house in under six years and as much as it would be nice to stay here until I finish university at the end of the year, another move is happening this month.

So in two weeks time, I’ll be packing it all up again for the seventh time in under six & a half years. Am I exhausted of packing up? Nope cause I’ve barely unpacked since I moved here! Isn’t it hard moving all my stuff? Nope, I have hardly anything thanks to my big clean last winter break. Am I excited to move? You bet! I’ll be moving even closer to both my offices AND my all time favourite part of the river. I’ll be a few minutes from a ferry to the city and my favourite pub & ice creamery….which won’t be  too good for my body so I’m going to have to learn some self control!

It’ll be a smaller place which gets me even MORE excited (in case you haven’t seen my ‘small space‘ pinterest board). I love living in cosy little places, having minimal belongings & using space efficiently.

Now….time to get rid of more stuff!

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