Living with a happy gut (and other rambles)

Beginning of 2012, I became friends with my gut. After years of pain & bloating (and thinking it was normal!), I cut wheat & gluten out of my diet. Considering I lived off bread, cereal, pasta and pizza, I had no idea how I’d survive but hey, look at me now! I look back on my diet and it makes me CRINGE. I wouldn’t even be awake for an hour before the bloating kicked in and then it wouldn’t be long until lunchtime that usually involved pasta or bread/wheat roll (wheat is supposed to be better than white bread right?)

I have no idea how I managed to juggle 1-2 jobs and study for so many years when I was constantly feeling ill after every meal (I didn’t share this with anyone).  It wasn’t until my 2nd colonic session in 2 years when it was suggested I should see a naturopath as my bloating hadn’t improved since the previous appointment.

And if you haven’t seen a naturopath before, they are the earths miracle workers. A good one will know what herbs you need for any problems whether it’s an unhappy gut, time of the month problems, sleep, stress or moods (my one helped me with all the things listed and more). Naturopaths are the first people I recommend to ANYONE.

& how does this all relate? I came across this fantastic article this week titled, “Gut Feelings: the future of psychiatry may be inside your stomach” and I could not relate any harder to this article if I tried. We live in a society where people think a script will help make you feel better but why would you want to mask the symptoms when you can have a solution to the problem?

It’s not easy & it does take time but I always refused to accept medication for headaches, unhappiness and pain. And now that I’ve read John Gray’s ‘The Mars and Venus Diet & Exercise Solution‘ book and this latest article, I can’t help but feel more people will be aware of just how important eating the right food is. Not only does it improve moods & your health, you may notice you’re sleeping better and feeling better.

I’d love to know, have you noticed how food makes you feel?

Nutritional Cleansing: my 6 month review;

In February this year, my big sis came back to Perth for the first time in 3 months (she’s currently living in Dubai). When I first saw her, I kinda felt like pushing a pause button if there ever was such a thing. I thought to myself, am I really seeing this? She looked incredible! After talking over dinner, we went along to a wellness talk presented by her friend, the amazing Peta (someone I was actually already following on twitter and instagram because I’m a creep I love following healthy Perth people).

I walked out of that room thinking, “I’ve found my missing link”. I’ve made some massive changes in my life in the past few years. I’ve spent a lot of time walking/running/swimming over the years, going through months of excessive pump classes, personal training sessions, bootcamp, boxing sessions, yoga, pilates (name it, I’ve probably tried it). I’ve gone months with no alcohol, no sugar and now living the gluten free life to keep my gut happy. I’ve tried a liver cleanse & become best friends with my naturopath, getting bottles of gross herbals to sort out this crazy body of mine.

I meditate often, have regular mindfulness sessions & have luckily found that one person I can pay to listen to all my problems (and never ashamed to admit it either). But still, it wasn’t enough. So in February, with my final year of university ahead of me, I thought, “why not?” because what is life other than one big learning experiment about what works & what does not.

& here I am 6 months later, satisfied I found the missing piece to my puzzle.

Photo taken beginning of February & end of August 2013

goodbye butt!

But I think the back is the most impressive for me!

What have I achieved in the past 6 months? 11 kgs of weight loss, noticeable fat loss around the problem area (stomach), 2-3 dress sizes and counting, energy to juggle everything like a crazy woman (and not burn out), feeling fuller for longer, less cravings and most importantly, stabilised moods. I feel like one of those infomercials listing all the positive changes because I’m just not used to so much going right!

So measurements & weight have been noted. Wonder where I’ll be in 6 months time! & the best thing? anyone can do this!

Is it time for a change in your life?

Eating for the sake of it;

Image via

It was 11:50am today & I stood up to go get my lunch heated up. Was I hungry? No. So why did I stand up? It was a combination of eating at a set time (I love my routines) and boredom. You see, I have a terrible habit of eating the same food every day, at the same time.  But since I’ve cut sugar out of my diet this month & fruit this week, I’ve been struggling a little snack wise. I’ve loaded myself up with almonds, boiled eggs & the rye bread + avocado combination but that sugar loving monster inside just isn’t satisfied!

If you’re on this sugar free journey with me or if you may have your own little sugar monster, I have the picture for you! See below what foods/minerals you should consider each time you have a craving:

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ll be pinning this little gem to everything in sight! & if you want some further reading about listening to your guts intuition, Jess the Wellness Warrior wrote a great piece about letting your gut tell you what to eat. It helped delay my lunch until 12:30pm today just by me tuning into what my body was telling me.

How often do you stop to think before you eat? 

Sustainability: The Global Agenda;

A few weeks ago, I went to an academic lecture at my university with a fellow sustainability nerd. Professor Peter Newman spoke for an hour about some surprising facts that got me a little too excited about what’s to come in the future. You should of seen Kat & myself pretty much squealing at some of the things that were discussed….like I said, total nerds.

Some interesting things I learnt?

– Power reached its peak in 2008/2009

– Car use peaked in 2004 in the US and Australia

– Between 2001-2009, car use has gone down 23% for 16-34 year olds

– The US & The World Bank will no longer be funding coal stations (WOOOO!!!)

Professor Newman mentioned a very interesting point. Car use and ownership amongst the younger generations isn’t seen as important as it was for our parents. The reason behind this is because when driving, we are disconnected from social contact (I’ve always been one to kill two birds with one stone by catching public transport as much as I can if it means using that time to get back to some emails or check in with international friends). We are seeing more and more people not owning cars, instead living and working in one area or using bikes & public transport to get around.

If you want to be inspired, just look at some of the things on Pinterest under ‘sustainable cities‘; there’s some beautiful ideas and plans underway! & if you want to hear the full talk with Professor Newman, check out the youtube recording over here.

Do you know any interesting things your city is doing to be more sustainable? 

New routines;

A few changes have occurred in the past few weeks. Diet wise, I’m 11 days into quitting sugar. Surprisingly, I haven’t reached for a chocolate bar OR any biscuits but I have allowed myself a treat this morning that was gluten & sugar free (it was a raw chocolate/caramel/banana tart and it was WAY too sweet for even my sweet tooth!). I officially started the sugar free challenge on Monday 5th August so I’ve spent the past week researching alternative snacks & biting into my homemade raw balls while I can. The following week will be all about adding more protein and fats into my diet, which I think I’ve got covered with boiled eggs & the rice cake + avocado combo!

Exercise wise, the plan was to walk/run to work this month while my car is getting repairs but with all the rainfall & my ankle STILL strapped up, that hasn’t been possible. However, I am on the mend! With 13 days to go until the Perth City2Surf, I’ve got some serious training to do!

& being carless this month has actually been pretty fun so far. I’ve got a car I can borrow for uni and I’ve been a bit more smarter with my travelling by getting friends to drive me somewhere & then finding my own way back (life isn’t so bad when you can catch a ferry home from the city!) I can’t say being semi-carless is any cheaper when going home via the city turns into a mini shopping spree but I’m hoping this doesn’t happen every weekend!

Now being so close to work, uni & the city, I’m thinking of getting a bike. Too many changes at once?