New South Wales Road Trip;

Every time I told someone I was going to Byron, they all said the same thing: “you’re going to love it!” and the minute I drove into the town, I knew I would! I mean just look at the sign….how could you not?

The plan was to go to Byron Bay alone; do some relaxing, soul searching, walking and just taking some time out for myself.

I had a few hours before check in so I drove down to Newrybar for lunch at Harvest Cafe (thanks instagram for that suggestion). I figured I was closer to Ballina than I ever would be so I drove down there too before heading along the Pacific Highway back to Byron. I try not to take the same road twice when I’m travelling but after seeing this awesome spot at the top of the hill, I knew I had to break one of my rules. The view was incredible and the surroundings were just so green and lush.

After having lunch at The Top Shop (another awesome instagram recommendation), I decided I would hike up to the Lighthouse….in my thongs. Bad mistake because 10 days later, my foot is still sore from a possible sprain/muscle soreness. Lessons are always learnt the hard way huh?

I had the most incredible time in Byron Bay though. I walked into town along the beach from where I was staying & just did so much relaxing. Never mind all the good food! As I was on my way out of town, I saw a recommendation for a place called ‘Naked Treaties‘ and their juice board couldn’t have been more perfect (you can read the whole board HERE). I stood there for a good 5 minutes, trying to decide what I wanted to feel like. I ended up going for wanting to feel alive which had raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, coconut water, greens, lime, mint and added probiotics. This was a good mix of foods for immunity, low sugar, hydration, cleansing and clarity, high fibre and superfoods.

Until next time Byron!

P.S if you’re planning to visit Byron any time soon, I’d highly recommend checking out The Roadhouse; they don’t believe in serving soft drinks & they make the yummiest organic, gluten free, dairy free with no refined sugar treats!


2 thoughts on “New South Wales Road Trip;

  1. Great to hear you liked it. What a great thing to be doing solo. More of us should take your lead.
    I think I need to go back to Byron. I was too young to appreciate it when I was younger.
    I hope you heal quickly btw! xxxx

    • I love being alone! Especially being in new places and just doing things at my own pace.

      I would definitely recommend a Byron trip asap!! You’re so close too!

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