The sunshine state;

I love visiting friends in their hometowns. While my bestie has been between Auckland and Queensland for the past year, when K announced she was moving to Queensland late last year, I instantly planned a visit in my head.

Bestie & I flew in on the same morning so I did the very corny thing of standing at the arrivals gate with a bouquet of flowers in my hands & a massive grin on my face. It was her birthday the week before & she recently got engaged too! Plus, who doesn’t love a gorgeous bunch of flowers?

I spent some time on Macleay Island where her fiancé was living temporarily while helping work on the family home. The boys caught fish from the backyard while us ladies sat around and had drinks. And as far as island living goes, I was sold within minutes! Imagine waking up to this peaceful view & watching the sunset from your backyard!


Thought I could eat 2 desserts….until I saw the size of them! Mine were the two biggest ones!

When bestie headed down the coast the following afternoon, I headed into Brisbane to spend some time with K & A. There was dinner, drinks & the most toffee filled dessert involved. I haven’t been in the city since July 2011 when I was there quickly with bestie so it was good to go for a river walk with K in the morning & see more of the gorgeous city.

Walks around Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

On my third day, I headed down to the Gold Coast with K & A and we had lunch with S at the Rainbow Bay Surf Club. $15 for a jug of cider? dangerous! We haven’t all been together since we went to Sydney last November so it was awesome to catch up & get excited for all being home in NZ for christmas (I may or may not have a countdown set for that little reunion).

my other half, my bestie ❤

Considering it was the middle of winter, all I had worn in QLD was a pair of shorts or a skirt. QLD really lived up to its name as the Sunshine State! I spent the evening in Surfers, just doing my own thing, walking around & doing a little too much thinking. I really fell in love with the state but it all depends if I can survive another January there. Once bestie is all moved over, I’ll test that one again!

Surfers Paradise at night

& in the morning, looking towards Coolangatta and the NSW border


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