New routines;

A few changes have occurred in the past few weeks. Diet wise, I’m 11 days into quitting sugar. Surprisingly, I haven’t reached for a chocolate bar OR any biscuits but I have allowed myself a treat this morning that was gluten & sugar free (it was a raw chocolate/caramel/banana tart and it was WAY too sweet for even my sweet tooth!). I officially started the sugar free challenge on Monday 5th August so I’ve spent the past week researching alternative snacks & biting into my homemade raw balls while I can. The following week will be all about adding more protein and fats into my diet, which I think I’ve got covered with boiled eggs & the rice cake + avocado combo!

Exercise wise, the plan was to walk/run to work this month while my car is getting repairs but with all the rainfall & my ankle STILL strapped up, that hasn’t been possible. However, I am on the mend! With 13 days to go until the Perth City2Surf, I’ve got some serious training to do!

& being carless this month has actually been pretty fun so far. I’ve got a car I can borrow for uni and I’ve been a bit more smarter with my travelling by getting friends to drive me somewhere & then finding my own way back (life isn’t so bad when you can catch a ferry home from the city!) I can’t say being semi-carless is any cheaper when going home via the city turns into a mini shopping spree but I’m hoping this doesn’t happen every weekend!

Now being so close to work, uni & the city, I’m thinking of getting a bike. Too many changes at once?


4 thoughts on “New routines;

  1. Iv been finding it really hard to keep up with my walking to/from work in this rain as well. Although I find I do walk a lot faster for fear the skys are going to open up and rain down on me! Id maybe borrow a bike first see how often you use it, we are coming into Spring soon so will be much nicer weather for bike riding 🙂

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