Eating for the sake of it;

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It was 11:50am today & I stood up to go get my lunch heated up. Was I hungry? No. So why did I stand up? It was a combination of eating at a set time (I love my routines) and boredom. You see, I have a terrible habit of eating the same food every day, at the same time.  But since I’ve cut sugar out of my diet this month & fruit this week, I’ve been struggling a little snack wise. I’ve loaded myself up with almonds, boiled eggs & the rye bread + avocado combination but that sugar loving monster inside just isn’t satisfied!

If you’re on this sugar free journey with me or if you may have your own little sugar monster, I have the picture for you! See below what foods/minerals you should consider each time you have a craving:

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ll be pinning this little gem to everything in sight! & if you want some further reading about listening to your guts intuition, Jess the Wellness Warrior wrote a great piece about letting your gut tell you what to eat. It helped delay my lunch until 12:30pm today just by me tuning into what my body was telling me.

How often do you stop to think before you eat? 


6 thoughts on “Eating for the sake of it;

  1. Thanks for this. It’s what I really need right now. And I am pretty sure I am not eating enough of the things I should be, hence the sugar and potato chip cravings

  2. If I skip breakfast Im starving at 11.50am as well! But I tend to have fruit for breakfast and then a sandwich, sushi or leftovers for lunch and then whatever for dinner. I dont snack during the day just 3 meals. If I get a real craving for chocolate Ill grab a handful of nuts and it seems to do the trick! Good luck with the healthy eating Im sure youll feel good for it in the end 🙂

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