Living with a happy gut (and other rambles)

Beginning of 2012, I became friends with my gut. After years of pain & bloating (and thinking it was normal!), I cut wheat & gluten out of my diet. Considering I lived off bread, cereal, pasta and pizza, I had no idea how I’d survive but hey, look at me now! I look back on my diet and it makes me CRINGE. I wouldn’t even be awake for an hour before the bloating kicked in and then it wouldn’t be long until lunchtime that usually involved pasta or bread/wheat roll (wheat is supposed to be better than white bread right?)

I have no idea how I managed to juggle 1-2 jobs and study for so many years when I was constantly feeling ill after every meal (I didn’t share this with anyone).  It wasn’t until my 2nd colonic session in 2 years when it was suggested I should see a naturopath as my bloating hadn’t improved since the previous appointment.

And if you haven’t seen a naturopath before, they are the earths miracle workers. A good one will know what herbs you need for any problems whether it’s an unhappy gut, time of the month problems, sleep, stress or moods (my one helped me with all the things listed and more). Naturopaths are the first people I recommend to ANYONE.

& how does this all relate? I came across this fantastic article this week titled, “Gut Feelings: the future of psychiatry may be inside your stomach” and I could not relate any harder to this article if I tried. We live in a society where people think a script will help make you feel better but why would you want to mask the symptoms when you can have a solution to the problem?

It’s not easy & it does take time but I always refused to accept medication for headaches, unhappiness and pain. And now that I’ve read John Gray’s ‘The Mars and Venus Diet & Exercise Solution‘ book and this latest article, I can’t help but feel more people will be aware of just how important eating the right food is. Not only does it improve moods & your health, you may notice you’re sleeping better and feeling better.

I’d love to know, have you noticed how food makes you feel?


One thought on “Living with a happy gut (and other rambles)

  1. Yes!! I love this! I also try as hard as I can not to take medication and after giving up gluten I am more in tune with my gut than ever. I realised I had so many symptoms I had not even noticed for years that disappeared! And if I cheat my body makes me suffer straight away now. What goes into your body really makes a difference! I plan to visit a naturopath when I get home so I must get a recommendation 🙂

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