With all the uni assignments and exams at the moment, I haven’t had the chance to stop & think about all the amazing things that have happened over the past 6 weeks. I’ve gotten my car back (finally!); went hiking with girlfriends where we barely stopped to rest because we had so much to talk about; there’s been birthday celebrations where I’ve dragged 3 of my closest girlfriends along for a 12 km ‘fun run’; there’s been another visit to Jamie’s Italian because I just cannot get enough of the raspberry brownie; there’s been a girls night at B’s with lots of red wine & yummy food; lots of river walks with friends; breakfast & lunch dates; personal training sessions for bikini body season; pizza night at work; lots of gym/swim/sauna sessions; ticking off long awaited cafe visits to Moore & Moore and Venn; helping people get healthy with the nutritional cleansing products I’m obsessed with and the rare outing with old friends where it felt like I took a step back into 2009.

& to think that I’ll be finished with all things university in 6 weeks time! SO SOON!

H a n d s t a n d s ;

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I was sitting in the sauna last week & just outside, there was a man doing a headstand. A lot of banter goes on in this sauna & some people got onto the topic of the benefits of head and handstands. The last time I did a handstand was when I did gymnastics many, many years ago so to me, handstands were part of my routine (amongst other things).

Reading about the benefits though, got me doing handstands this week! Here are the top 3 benefits:

  • They help stimulate the endocrine system: they get blood moving to the head; they stimulate the pituitary gland which helps the set point for a healthy weight. They also bring blood to the adrenal glands to help reduce the production of cortisol, the “stress hormone” AND not only that, they’re good for the metabolism too!

  • They help build upper body strength (but that’s a pretty obvious one)


  • They help relieve minor depression: handstands are a well-known remedy as a mood-elevator; they can often relieve a headache, improve digestion and prompt detoxification.


So my goal for the next few months, to be able to do a split leg handstand (like this) on the beach. Who’s with me?

I’m still quitting sugar;

Banana & peanut butter covered in chocolate. Sorry in advance.

I mentioned at the beginning of August that I was quitting sugar. While the first 24 days were easy, once it hit the 25th of August, I couldn’t help but allow myself a little treat for my birthday. And because my birthday was on a Sunday & the tradition at work is to bring a cake in for your birthday, I had some treats on the Monday and then the Tuesday and then it was the 28th of August and I figured, it was close to the end of the month so I’ll start September as the ‘sugar free’ month but then the 1st came & went and I was delaying the sugar free experiment.

Quitting sugar is hard. Especially in the form of snickers & reeses pieces (and peanut butter M&M’s while we’re at it). But throw in no fruit weeks 3-6? I was struggling big time leading up to my birthday. Now that I’ve binged my little heart out with (the processed) sugar, I need to think of why I’m trying to minimise it from my life:

  • Sugar affects my sleep. I toss & turn for hours and there’s nothing I can do to get to sleep any faster
  • Sugar makes me tried at the wrong times. Why can’t it make me tired when I need to be sleeping?
  • Sugar does not help me work towards a bikini body (it sure makes me forget a bikini body whenever it’s around though)
  • There is no limit with sugar. It causes an explosion in my body where if there’s no sugar coming in, my body will shut down (that’s the best I can describe it)
  • Sugar causes massive dips in my moodsand lastly;
  • Sugar is not my friend (as much as I try be Sugar’s friend)

So here’s what I’m going to try next:

  1. Limit chocolate bars to one a week (if I need to)
  2. No baking sweets
  3. Politely decline sweets that come into the office

That’s it. There’s no long list of what I can’t do, but just #1 is as powerful as 10 things. I’m not setting an end date because this is a lifestyle  change I want to make FOR GOOD. Here goes….