I’m still quitting sugar;

Banana & peanut butter covered in chocolate. Sorry in advance.

I mentioned at the beginning of August that I was quitting sugar. While the first 24 days were easy, once it hit the 25th of August, I couldn’t help but allow myself a little treat for my birthday. And because my birthday was on a Sunday & the tradition at work is to bring a cake in for your birthday, I had some treats on the Monday and then the Tuesday and then it was the 28th of August and I figured, it was close to the end of the month so I’ll start September as the ‘sugar free’ month but then the 1st came & went and I was delaying the sugar free experiment.

Quitting sugar is hard. Especially in the form of snickers & reeses pieces (and peanut butter M&M’s while we’re at it). But throw in no fruit weeks 3-6? I was struggling big time leading up to my birthday. Now that I’ve binged my little heart out with (the processed) sugar, I need to think of why I’m trying to minimise it from my life:

  • Sugar affects my sleep. I toss & turn for hours and there’s nothing I can do to get to sleep any faster
  • Sugar makes me tried at the wrong times. Why can’t it make me tired when I need to be sleeping?
  • Sugar does not help me work towards a bikini body (it sure makes me forget a bikini body whenever it’s around though)
  • There is no limit with sugar. It causes an explosion in my body where if there’s no sugar coming in, my body will shut down (that’s the best I can describe it)
  • Sugar causes massive dips in my moodsand lastly;
  • Sugar is not my friend (as much as I try be Sugar’s friend)

So here’s what I’m going to try next:

  1. Limit chocolate bars to one a week (if I need to)
  2. No baking sweets
  3. Politely decline sweets that come into the office

That’s it. There’s no long list of what I can’t do, but just #1 is as powerful as 10 things. I’m not setting an end date because this is a lifestyle  change I want to make FOR GOOD. Here goes….


4 thoughts on “I’m still quitting sugar;

  1. I allow myself 1 chocolate a week or more at certain times of the month! I also have a trick whenever I get a craving for something junkie at work I go and fill up my water jug and have a nice long drink of cold water. Often I think Im hungry but Im more likely dehydrated and thirsty. Good luck!

  2. I don’t think I could give up fruit. That’s what I reach for now I’m trying not to have as much chocolate. Do you allow yourself IsaDelights or do you want be to strictly no chocolate? xx

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