H a n d s t a n d s ;

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I was sitting in the sauna last week & just outside, there was a man doing a headstand. A lot of banter goes on in this sauna & some people got onto the topic of the benefits of head and handstands. The last time I did a handstand was when I did gymnastics many, many years ago so to me, handstands were part of my routine (amongst other things).

Reading about the benefits though, got me doing handstands this week! Here are the top 3 benefits:

  • They help stimulate the endocrine system: they get blood moving to the head; they stimulate the pituitary gland which helps the set point for a healthy weight. They also bring blood to the adrenal glands to help reduce the production of cortisol, the “stress hormone” AND not only that, they’re good for the metabolism too!

  • They help build upper body strength (but that’s a pretty obvious one)


  • They help relieve minor depression: handstands are a well-known remedy as a mood-elevator; they can often relieve a headache, improve digestion and prompt detoxification.


So my goal for the next few months, to be able to do a split leg handstand (like this) on the beach. Who’s with me?


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