A shift in mindset;

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Last night, I sat in on a team call with two superstars from the US, Chris and Lori Harder, organised by the inspirational Peta Kelly. In the hour or so, there were tips about personal development, breaking through your own setbacks and how to expand your business (applicable for pretty much anyone). Sometime between listening in & getting out of bed this morning, I’ve felt a massive shift in my mindset. I went to bed upset over what happened over the weekend but promised myself that Tuesday was a new day & I would approach it differently.

After hearing how Peta says ‘thank you’ a hundred times every morning & how Anna writes pages and pages of things she’s grateful for every morning, I came up with something that currently fits my time constraints.

Instead of falling back asleep once my alarm went off, I used that 10 minutes to say out loud all the things I was grateful for this morning. This morning I was so grateful for a fresh start; the opportunity to change the way I handle situations; the warm weather; the friends who listen when I’m a bawling mess;  the fulfilling work I’ve got going on; the fresh food that my life is never short of; the upcoming holidays I’ve got planned but most importantly, the brand new day I’ve been given that is not owed to me & can be taken from me in a heart beat.

With 9 days to go until all my assignments, reports, quizzes and presentations are due, I’ve never felt more motivated to put in 110%. I’ve gone a little off track this month, strayed from what I’ve had my mind set to, shifted my energy to things that didn’t serve me in the long run (ahh hindsight!) but luckily, that didn’t last long. You live & you learn and I definitely needed that wake up call, at that exact moment.

Now, time to lock myself inside for the next nine days! Considering how much has changed in the last nine days, lets see what I’ve got to report back on next.