Living the ideal day;

After my last exam on Tuesday & before my 11pm flight to Melbourne on Wednesday night, my boss let me have the Wednesday off work to celebrate finishing university (even though I was taking another 5 days off the following day). But I’m not one to say no to celebrating so Wednesday last week turned out to be filled with all my favourite things.

Starting with a sleep in, followed by a juice from The Attic in Fremantle; from there, it was breakfast at Bread in Common followed by laying on Port Beach, writing in my new journal about where I want to be in a years time. Time moved too fast that day because it wasn’t long before I had to be at Public & Co for lunch with Jess. The food was fresh & the staff were lovely (highly recommend this place!) and they even brought out freshly baked donuts for all the customers to try! From there, we went to The Little Concept for some raw treats & more chats and then I was off to Bib & Tucker for sliders, fish tacos & sparkling wine in the sun with my good friend Kelly. We came back to Fremantle that night for some Wednesday night inspiration (a little something called Wellness Wednesday but more on that later!) & then it was time to get packing & try not to miss my flight….you’ll be surprised how many times it’s happened!

Having that day off was just what I needed & it made me realise I definitely need to schedule more like that in future…..or somehow negotiate rostered days off at my next pay review. Now that’s a plan!


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