D u n s b o r o u g h ;

When my friend suggested a weekend in Dunsborough, south of Perth, I said yes immediately. It wasn’t that long ago that we were down there in fact (last November), but I’ve been dreaming of Samudra ever since.

Unlike the last trip where we drank lots of wine & over-indulged in all the cheese, pate & crackers our tummys could handle, we did a total 180 degree turn with this trip. On this particular trip, we ate 90% raw food, woke up early, went for walks & just relaxed. It feels good to come home feeling refreshed!

The beloved- Samudra! Complete with blankets, pillows & day beds!

I must admit, I felt pretty chuffed when the duty manager at Samudra came up to me on the second night and asked if I was the one that had instagramed their burrito’s the night before & if so, how did I do it on my iphone. Well!

On Saturday we went location scouting & look what we found:

My very own secluded beach!

Western Australia sure is a beautiful place! x


Here’s to 2014;

They say that the cure for anything is salt water & this right here, is my happy place. After 11 hours of flying/running/nearly missing a connecting flight, it was good to have a few hours on this beautiful piece of coast before I went back to work the following day.

2014 is going to be a big one for me. With university all done now, I need to get my residential & commercial valuers licence work wise & somehow fit in all the holidays I have planned. I’ve got a little side business going on which I’m putting in as much effort as possible this year (more on that later). I’m in this place where I want to share more but it’s still early days with a few things so I guess, all in good time!

In the mean time though, I’ll be making the most of Perth & the West because if there’s one motto for 2014, it’s this: find the beauty in everything.

No place like NZ;

NYE on Waiheke Island

As I sit here & write this back in Perth, I look back on my NZ trip with a big smile on my face. It was my 6th time back in 7 years & it was most definitely my favourite time too.

I spent 9 days with one of my closest friends, Kse; going on road trips, doing bush walks, doing group dinners & drinks, dancing our little hearts out, looking at christmas lights & of course, christmas & boxing day celebrations. Since I haven’t been back in 2 years, our 9 days together went past SO fast.

Once Kse left, I did a few road trips with other friends, spent the night out at Piha Beach, celebrated New Years Eve and just enjoyed every minute of my time in NZ. The weather was absolutely perfect this time as well (unlike my previous summer return where I got rain for 2 weeks!)

View from the Sky Tower

I ended my trip with a day spent with an old friend, some height satisfaction from being up the Sky Tower & then dinner + drinks in Ponsonby (my new favourite Auckland spot). As I waited for my taxi in the early morning, I did consider just missing my flight like I did the last time. On more than one occasion, I felt like I lived back in Auckland. Even after 7 years, I slotted myself back into things there & it felt like I had never left.

View northwest from the Sky Tower

Every trip back is so different but with the number of friends I really bonded with this time, it made me feel so blessed to have such amazing people in my life. Until next time NZ!