D u n s b o r o u g h ;

When my friend suggested a weekend in Dunsborough, south of Perth, I said yes immediately. It wasn’t that long ago that we were down there in fact (last November), but I’ve been dreaming of Samudra ever since.

Unlike the last trip where we drank lots of wine & over-indulged in all the cheese, pate & crackers our tummys could handle, we did a total 180 degree turn with this trip. On this particular trip, we ate 90% raw food, woke up early, went for walks & just relaxed. It feels good to come home feeling refreshed!

The beloved- Samudra! Complete with blankets, pillows & day beds!

I must admit, I felt pretty chuffed when the duty manager at Samudra came up to me on the second night and asked if I was the one that had instagramed their burrito’s the night before & if so, how did I do it on my iphone. Well!

On Saturday we went location scouting & look what we found:

My very own secluded beach!

Western Australia sure is a beautiful place! x


6 thoughts on “D u n s b o r o u g h ;

  1. Hahaha that is awesome about Samudra and your burrito photo! My friend has been talking about it for ages… I finally got to go when we went to Dunsborough two weeks ago! So good 🙂

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