Happy 12 months to me!

On Thursday night last week, I graduated from university & went straight to the airport to catch the red eye to Brisbane. For the last 12 months, I’ve been on the greatest wellness journey to date, feeling better & better as time goes on. I started this journey for energy, a stronger immune system and a big detox post summer celebrations.

What I didn’t know last February was the fact that aligning my body would change my life in ways I wouldn’t even be able to imagine. Other than having energy for days, not being sick in 8 months, better sleep & feeling happier, less stressed & burnt out, I’ve met a HUGE amount of amazing people on this same journey as me.

And for someone that moved to Perth in 2007 & went straight into the party scene when I was still underage, this has been the biggest blessing of all. I remember breaking down to my parents in early 2009, confessing just how bad my life was spiralling out of control (first time ever admitting I had a drug problem to my parents – turns out they knew the whole time). I was just about to do a 2-year bridging course for university (since I dropped out of high school as soon as I turned 16) and I felt so stuck. I was surrounded by toxic people, negativity, drugs & alcohol and in general, people who weren’t on the same path as me.

I did my 2-year bridging course, meeting some incredible people along the way before doing 3 months backpacking through Europe & then straight into 3 years of intensive work & study.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve slowly changed aspects of my life. I’ve done lots of physical activities, saved as much as possible to travel, spent lots of time reading, connecting with new & old friends & done plenty of stuff by myself (as well as working and studying of course).

If I could tell my 17 year old self where I would be today, at the age of 23 (nearly 24), I would describe my current situation as completely outrageous from what it used to be.  To think how much my situation has changed in the last 5 years, especially the last year, totally blows my mind. The amount of times I have cried in the last 3 days, just thinking about how amazing things are at the moment cannot even be counted on two hands (and here I was thinking I was an emotional-less Russian!)

So this weekend has been the biggest game changer. I flew to Brisbane by myself, having met some of the people briefly in person or spoken with online. I’ve known a handful of people for a few years that were there but that was it. But I guess that’s what I’ve learnt over the last 7 years – you have to go out there & meet people. We celebrated the success of this amazing wellness company we’ve all partnered with & all the incredible individuals that really get it (there were SO so many!!) Can you imagine a company conference going from 300 people in February 2013 to over 2,000 in 2014? It’s a pretty good indication of its success over the last 12 months that I’ve been SO blessed to be a part of & witness.

So what’s next? It’s all a work in progress at the moment but now that university is finished and my property valuation reports are just days from being submitted for my property licence, I’ll be updating this blog as often as possible, sharing as much as I can.

All I can say for now is, I’m SO so excited for what’s to come in the next few months!

Date a girl who travels;

You may have seen a post floating about recently titled, “Don’t date a girl that travels” which basically says that a girl who travels is hard to please, she can’t hold a steady job, she’s wasted her college degree and switched her career completely.

I don’t agree with any of the above statements & I’m glad I found this little gem by Steph at Steph Abroad, exampling why you should, “date a girl who travels”

Date a girl who travels

“She is the one with the sun kissed skin and lightly scattered freckles. A sense of wellness radiates around her, paired with plump healthy skin and a twinkle in her eye.

Date a girl who travels. She is less materialistic. She doesn’t dote on possessions but rather treasured experiences. Expensive presents are unnecessary, rather give her photographs she can have with her at all times. She can see those that live with less, recognise the small fortunes of happiness.

Date a girl who travels for somewhere is always home. She values her time there and relishes hearing about normalcy even if it’s not long before her feet start to itchy again. She is proud of her hometown for it is a new city for someone else to explore.

Date a girl who travels. She is the hardest working woman you will know. She will most likely hold down 2 or 3 jobs to fund her adventures. Not to mention an entrepreneur turning her travels into an income source. She is smart and knows that these days employers find international travel favourable in future candidates.

Date a girl who travels for you will always be pleasantly surprises. She navigates unknown cities with a great sense of direction but also enjoys the spontaneity of getting lost.

Date a girl who travels. After many missed flights, wrong turns, delays, bad street food and bad restrooms to deposit said food, she is easy going and adaptable. She is prepared for bumps in the road literally and metaphorically. Life throws curve balls and she smacks them right out of the park.

Date a girl who travels because she is supportive and understanding. She is conscious you may not ever be as travel orientated as her but she will always be fun, take what life has to offer and help you do the same. As a bonus, she will put up with snoring and farting because she has shared a 20 bunk hostel room.

Date a girl who travels as she engages with worldly company learning the history, culture and behaviours of societies, which is sure to impress the parents. She is used to befriending strangers, thriving at conversation. She will always be open to meeting new people and impress at your work social engagements.

Date a girl who travels. She is independent, smart and strong. She will always be self-sufficient; never needy. She doesn’t believe in stage five clingers. She knows the rewards of good budgets and saving her money. She learns the ins and outs of how people live and has the kind of street smarts that will spot the sketchy looking guy a mile away before he pulls a “distract and go” scam.

Next time, join her. Travel bonds you”

Check out Steph’s post & leave her a comment!

What if money was no object?


As it hits Monday morning across the Southern Hemisphere, I know for a fact there’s a lot of unhappy people dragging themselves out of bed today. Dragging themselves to a J-O-B (just over broke) so they can pay the bills and a few other things if they’re lucky.

But picture this; What would you day look like if money was no object? You don’t need to list them in the comments but I do hope you take some time this week to think about them.

90 Day Game Plan;

Two days ago, on Monday 3rd February, I started a little challenge called the 90 day game plan.

The amazing nutritional cleansing program I discovered this time last year not only wants me to be healthy, they also want me to be financially free (and I sure as hell won’t say no to that!)

So what will I be doing over the next 90 days? I’ve gone into this challenge with a clear set of goals, milestones along the way & also a vision of what I want my life to look like in 90 days (come May 4th, 2014).

& taken directly from the business website:

Why Should You Use a 90-Day Game Plan?

Because, well, science. A clinical psychologist at the Dominican University of California, Dr. Gail Matthews, has studied goal achievement. Her research found that participants who wrote down their goals achieved significantly more than those who only thought about their goals.

And what’s more, the study also demonstrated the effectiveness of accountability and commitment. What does that mean? Participants who wrote down both goals and action commitments were more likely to achieve those goals. Better yet, participants who formulated action commitments, sent their goals and commitments to a supportive friend AND sent weekly progress reports to that same friend were the most likely to reach their goals.

– – –

Follow me on my 90 day journey through my blog & instagram: annaventures

I’m excited for what’s to come!

Where did you go January?

If January was a little preview into how 2014 is going to pan out, I say – BRING IT ON!

I welcomed 2014 in New Zealand, singing along to ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ and other 90’s classics before one last road trip up the coast to Matakana, enjoying the likes of Shapeshifter & Fat Freddy’s Drop with my high school friends. It wasn’t long until I was back at work & head first into a dozen or so new tasks, ready for everything all at once (I can’t seem to do one thing at a time).

January was a pretty active month. When I wasn’t going for river or beach walks, I was going for swims at the beach, playing pool volleyball (SO MUCH FUN), big weight sessions at the gym, stretch classes (I want to be able to do the splits this year), having the time of my life on the trampoline at a new place called ‘Bounce’ and I even tried pole dancing….but I’ll leave that to my amazing dancer friends!

While it may seem like January was spent in my gym gear, I somehow managed to attend business and leadership training every monday night, nutrition info nights every Wednesday, lots of catch ups with friends, checked out new cafe spots and a weekend down the coast. AND on top of that, I completed 9 online modules for my property valuing licence & managed to 90% finish my three reports for my professional interview in March.

And because all the above wasn’t quite enough, I coached two girls through their first 30 day cleanse & one more jumped on at the end of the month.

& to all those that wondered what I’d do once uni finished? Here’s a little indication!