Two days before my property license reports were due for submission last week, I walked into my boss’s office & said I was quitting. It may come as a total shock to most but it’s been a long time coming. I had a leaving date set for end of November (one year after graduating) and then I moved it forward to August 2014 and then it sort of hit me; why not now?

I love property; I love going through the inner city apartments; I love meeting all the lovely agents, tenants and owners and all the wacky ones in between; I love doing my investigation work for those times when things just don’t add up; I love being in the city; I love having no two same days; and most importantly, I love the people in my office.

But that spark & that passion for what I do went away for a while. I tried to bring it back, I tried to push through it & I also tried to ignore that tug on the shirt sleeve but there was no denying it. Getting up for work was a struggle & I felt drained.

Maybe suddenly announcing I wanted to quit was a little over the top (dramatic is in fact, my middle name) but it sure brought action forward. Because when I really thought about it, the biggest reason I wanted to quit was because of the lack of time I have with my job. Working 8-6:30pm with a lunch break considered a rare occurrence, and the reports on top of it this year got a little too much.

So walking into my boss’s office, I was like, “here’s my resignation” but what I didn’t expect was for him to refuse it. I guess, sometimes I forget just how AMAZING my boss & my old boss really are. I got some time to think about it and some options too. Options I didn’t think were available but options that far outweigh what I had in mind, post resignation.

Long story short, the spark is finally back. And the most incredible thing? because I opened up to my work about the new business I’ve started this year, they have encouraged me to go for it & want me to do well in it (say what?)

Crazy what happens when you open up huh!

So for now, my life will be a juggling act but hasn’t it always been that way?


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