Creating emotional breakthroughs;

This year has been incredible so far. In particular two weekends to date: long weekend in Brisbane in February for the Live Out Loud conference & the previous 3 days as part of the Team Mastery (NLP Coaching) seminar with Calvin Coyles.

I went into the 3 day seminar wanting to learn a few new skills that could help me, those close to me & also any current or future clients as part of my wellness coaching. Half way through Day 2, after going over a few techniques, in particular values and conflicts of values, I realised the biggest thing holding me back in life was so much bigger than I realised (first moment of clarity).

Then on Day 3, we got even deeper, going into more neuro-linguistic programming  & then it was transformation time where we partnered up with someone in the room & we practiced what we had learnt over the last 3 days. And you know what the crazy thing was? The partner we all ended up with was so right for our breakthrough that everyone in the room experienced a breakthrough moment. All 20 of us.

So not only did I learn a lot of valuable techniques and skills that can help myself and those around me, I also experienced two breakthrough moments over the 3 days that made my thinking so much clearer come Sunday night. I got clarity on my priorities, my values and my direction for the rest of 2014.

Would love to know; What personal development courses have you been to? Which ones have you enjoyed?




4 thoughts on “Creating emotional breakthroughs;

    • Oh they are good! They’re all so different but doing 2 in the space of 2 months has stretched me in more ways that I ever imagined! Definitely get to one this year if you can Katy!

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