Monthly Round Up: March;

Images via my Instagram: @annaventures

March sure has been one incredible month!

After having a small meltdown at the end of February at work, I started the month with a relaxing long weekend. It involved driving 3 hours south of Perth for a friends birthday beach party & of course, breakfast + lunch at an all time favourite, Samudra.

Then there was a music festival with big sis who was over from Dubai briefly & to end the long weekend nicely, a day of coaching a few girls with their health journey.

March was all about seeing friends. Whether it was a coastal walk, basketball game, lunch date, dinner date or an evening out. I made the most out of my days, fitting in lunch dates during the week wherever I could & evening catch ups over vegetarian feasts or juice. I can’t see all my friends though so there was a lot of skyping & phone calls with the NZ & east coast kids.

Mid March, there were 3 intensive days where I was stretched more than I thought was possible. Since then, there’s been a lot of changes & priorities have changed slightly. I’ve placed more emphasis on my health & fitness because even though my career is going towards the health side of things, the first half of March was spent way out of balance with everything else going on.

So looking back over the last 2 weeks, I’m extremely happy with the mix of things. There’s been lots of stretching time (air yoga & mat work), as many weight sessions as I can fit in (I’m slightly obsessed with my newly developed muscles!) as well as property inspections, coaching, friend catch ups & quiet time.

I’d say the biggest theme for the month of March was saying yes to (nearly) everything. Yes to a last minute coaching course in March and then June & August as well. Yes to a last minute Sydney trip mid April. Yes to a getaway in a few months (can’t say when just yet) and ‘Yes’ to people in general.

Here’s to the second quarter of 2014 & no doubt it’ll be a good one judging by the last 3 months!

4 thoughts on “Monthly Round Up: March;

  1. Anna your month looks absolutely amazing and you are absolutely glowing with good health and vitality! It’s exciting that your career looks like it’s developing more and more on the health and wellbeing side of things. I’ll have to add The Go Giver to my list of books to read. I just Googled it and it looks interesting. Here’s to the second quarter of 2014!

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