Connected dots;

I’m such a massive believer in everything happening for a reason & this weekend was a fine example of that. Two weeks ago, someone I met years ago got in touch with me after 6 years of no contact. After our 3 hour Skype call, it made me realise that conversation was meant to be had this weekend & not 6 or 12 months ago. It was like the Universe decided, “I know EXACTLY who you need to talk to that is the mirror image of you right now!” 

For a long time now, I’ve accepted all the curve balls & obstacles that are thrown at me. I used to get upset, frustrated and most the time, pretty mad. But Steve Jobs has summed it up so well – you cannot connect the dots looking forward, only when you’re looking back.

I know so many people try fit a circle into a square (theoretically) & don’t think about all the other factors that make things click into place. So if there’s anything I’ve learnt over the years, it is to trust that it will all work out in the end. It doesn’t mean I sit & wait for things to happen, I just don’t force people or situations to remain because they “should”.

Sarah Wilson wrote a great post about friend fade-outs vs friend fall outs a few months ago that really struck a cord with me. Some people need to acknowledge when situations change (and don’t like things changing) and some understand that life is a series of flows & things just don’t remain the same (and that’s totally fine).

Life has been beyond incredible this year. So many new friendships, new opportunities & new ideas. I’ve had so many old friends get back in touch with me from all corners of the globe. And I can’t forget to mention new blog followers! I have no idea where you guys came from or how you found me but it’s been humbling to know people are reading this little blog of mine & it’s also been great discovering so many new blogs lately. Especially the ones that share the same vision as me.

Life, you’re just so magical right now!


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