Sydney Long Weekender;

Last Thursday, I caught the red eye to Sydney. After going to Sydney in December 2013, I honestly did not think I would be going back so soon but when cheap flights & a personal development seminar popped up, I couldn’t resist.

On the Friday, I had breakfast at Pablo & Rusty’s before doing some shopping & getting my hair done. Then it was a quick trip to Bondi Junction for lunch at Earth to Table with a friend from the UK before pancakes with my old Perth personal trainer who now works on a cruise ship (talk about good timing being in the same city that weekend!)

So glad to be reunited with KY!

There was no time to rest before dinner with an old Perth friend & then an opportunity night presented by a dear friend. I see PK share her vision & get excited about her biggest passion, young people living life by their own design ALL the time but it seriously never gets old!
Saturday & Sunday was all about learning & stretching & growing. I was also lucky enough to be part of a leadership training session on the Saturday night & we all walked away with so many golden nuggets from very inspiring people.
Sunday night, I caught up with an old friend from school. I attended high school in Perth for a brief 3 months in early 2007 & was lucky to meet some incredible people, G being one of them. Although I’ve seen her at parties and birthdays since 2007, we never actually hung out 1 on 1. Sunday night, we went out for sangria & tapas and just bonded. She’s been in Sydney for the last year & having moved cities just before we met, I remember just how isolating it can be at the beginning. I gave her some tips based on my hindsight & walked away from that dinner skipping down the road with the biggest smile on my face.
As of late, I’ve been attracting so many like minded people into my life, new & old. And watching a Wayne Dyer documentary last night, I guess he was right when he said, “We don’t attract what we want, we attract what we are”.
Monday was the day I was most excited about. Every time I come to Sydney, I try spend as much time as I can in Bondi because it’s up there in my top 5 happy places. I spent the morning walking from Bondi to Coogee which took an hour or so. New South Wales has one of the most gorgeous coast lines (you can see more of it from my previous visit).

Icebergs, Bondi Beach

I caught up with Miss Bondi Yogi Caroline & then two friends who recently moved over from the UK (who I haven’t seen since I visited in December 2010!) The world really is moving closer & closer together & I for one, love it . Things like Facebook & Skype have kept me in touch with friends from the northern hemisphere for years so when we do finally see each other, it feels like we’ve never been apart.

Now if there’s one place you must visit when you’re in Bondi, it’s Bondi Wholefoods. Just look at these blueberry spelt pancakes!

I left Sydney already thinking about my next trip back. I have a feeling my next trip back will be an extended visit (living the location free lifestyle so watch this space!)


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