The Easter Stay-cation;

For the first time in 3 years, I’ve been able to enjoy public holidays and not have to study all through them. The Easter four day weekend just gone, Perth was blessed with beautiful weather so I made the most of it by going to the beach everyday & sitting out on my balcony reading.

First time Slacklining!

Other than time outdoors, I spent time with friends, eating yummy food, going for walks & having a go at ‘slack lining‘ which is so much fun (but hard work in windy conditions!) And for those friends that are far, Skyping in my pjs was a total godsend.

I celebrated my parents 25th wedding anniversary over the yummiest Italian, spent some time reading ‘A New Earth’ & watched four documentaries on Food Matters TV (Fat, sick and nearly dead; The Shift, E-motion and you can heal your life) which I would recommend to everyone.

Smashed pumpkin + homemade beans. YUM!

Looking back on the four day weekend, it’s exactly how I’d like to live my life, everyday. Getting 8 hours of sleep; rising slowly & eating breakfast in the sun; seeing local friends & video skyping those that are far; being outside as much as possible and most importantly, living each day with total ease.


4 thoughts on “The Easter Stay-cation;

  1. Sounds like an amazing Easter! I’ve been so jealous seeing everyone’s relaxing Easter vacation photos on Facebook. I’ve been stuck inside studying and writing my thesis. I cannot wait to be done so that I can spend my holidays relaxing or doing what I want. I can’t remember last I had a holiday without studying! Only a couple of weeks to go now though… 🙂

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