Another one to add to the list;

Once I saw that Samudra had a new seasonal menu, I knew it was time for another visit. I was looking to do another day trip like I did on the first day of March but when a friend said his mum lives down there & we could stay, I couldn’t say no. We drove down on the Friday afternoon, in time for dinner at The Pour House & stayed for two nights.

Our trip consisted of three Samudra visits in two days, sunrise watching, beach exploring, dog walks, book reading, door fixing, FMTV watching, ‘Power of Now’ audiobook listening & a family dinner at home with some red wine (I’m totally part of the family now).

Our time in Dunsborough made me realise one big thing – Dunsborough is officially on the list of ‘places I will live each year’. Whether it’s a few weeks here & there or a solid month in summer & winter, Dunsborough & the South West Region of Western Australia is a truly beautiful part of the world.

More Dunsborough posts here & photos here, here & here.


4 thoughts on “Another one to add to the list;

  1. Looks like a fantastic soul replenishing trip down south, it has been way too long since Iv taken myself down there must plan another road trip soon and stop by Samudra 🙂

    • It was such a good weekend for the soul! I love it down there so much, going again in a few weeks for the June long weekend (queens birthday? love public holidays!) hehe xx

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