I’m quitting sugar (again);

All above photos found on my Pinterest board: Sweets.

May 6th, I played the supporting friend role for a girlfriend that just got out of a long term relationship & ate myself silly with frozen salted caramel yoghurt and a million sugary extras like chocolate cake, kit kat, tim tams & strawberries. And when the sugar hit, I vowed to quit the white stuff for good. So I went home & made my old time favourites; the raw prune balls.

I attempted to quit sugar back in August 2013 with a little success (read about it here & here). I tried to quit sugar 9 months ago for the very same reasons as I have this month. Sleep disruptions, low moods at 3pm & of course, that unwanted bit of love hanging around the mid section (my biggest problem area, the tummy). I got a personal trainer not long after my birthday last August and made lots of raw treats but it still didn’t stop me from bingeing on sweets far too often.

When you find yourself eating multiple biscuits a day for absolutely no reason & whatever cake and chocolate you can get your hands on & yawning come 3pm, something has gotta change. This time round, I’m not quitting fructose (found in fruit) but I have given up the white processed stuff.

It’s currently Day 24 and I’m a little surprised how easy it’s been & how much the sight of sugar has disgusted me. On Day 1, I came home to four boxes of Lindt & Baci (my ultimate faves) and walked away. Over the last 24 days, there have been several cakes brought into the office & a HUGE pile of leftover Easter chocolates put in front of me. And I can’t forget the daily supply of mint choc biscuits, chocolate covered scotch fingers and Tim Tams before my eyes.

But yet, I kept on walking & didn’t once cave in. The raw prune balls have been the best substitute as well as the choc snacks made by Isagenix, which contain chromium for cravings. I don’t really have an end date to this processed sugar ban. I’m feeling good & I don’t want to return to how I used to feel anytime soon! In my second week, I noticed how much more alert I was & how I was managing to get through the day without yawning (writing reports all afternoon can do that to you).

I don’t make it very easy on myself, pinning all sorts of sweet stuff but like the rest of my Pinterest stuff, all those sweet things can wait!

So I’ve love to know what’s everyone’s opinion on sugar; how does sugar make you feel & have you ever tried to quit the processed stuff?


3 thoughts on “I’m quitting sugar (again);

    • That’s not a bad problem to have! I remember when I did the proper ‘I quit sugar’ experiment with Sarah Wilson, you could drink wine the whole timing! Ah-mazing!!

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